Killer Children of Supernannya (JP: Supernannya's Gory Kid Gang)  is an anime film that focuses on the Team Terrific 10 atrocities committed by the child members of the team.


The alliance Team Terrific 10, is known for saving Supernannya, but what lies is a more darker secret they hid from public eyes, 16-year old Mei Cloud is a Chinese prison guard working with her Chinese siblings aged 15-20, she and her siblings brutally beat prisoners, Toshio Samo, a young Japanese boy doctor responsible for the slaughter of many, many Gadadhara Bobbalu Teachers alongside his unit of 4-7 year old Japanese children, Another Marie Lara-Rutter and Andrew Tinnings, two Korean children, one North, one South, responsible for the firing squad, there is no compassion and no humanity in these children to their victims, it focuses on POV of other members and Gadadhara Bobbalu School teachers.


  • This the third film in the Theory film saga.


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