Christmas DayEdit

Time to Open PresentsEdit

[The kids wake up on an early morning in Aunt Patty's house]

Bernice: "Kids, look into your stockings!"

[Belle looks into her stocking to find a gift card to Toys R Us, a Fennekin plush, an Eevee plush, an Angry Birds Pink Bird plush, a Barbie doll, some lollipops, and a Pudsey Bear]

[Helga, Joelle and Polly look into their stockings to find nothing but big, fat, dirty lumps of coal]

Joelle: "I got coal..."

Polly and Helga: "We did, too......"

Bernice: "Maybe because you deserved it, huh?"

[Belle opens up her presents to reveal an Elmo doll, some Dora the Explorer DVDs, a Blue's Clues Blue Plush, a Blue's Clues Magenta TY Beanie Baby, a Rolie Polie Olie Zowie plush, a Blue's Clues Story Time VHS, a Barbie Volkswagen Beetle, and a rocking horse]

Belle: "Santa is the best!"

[Helga, Joelle, and Polly find a note that says, "Helga, Joelle, and Polly, you girls were very rude and naughty this year! You ruined many special events and holidays! Helga, you failed in school since you didn't do your homework, Joelle, you were spoiled and begged for everything you want, and Polly, you swore and threw toys. Better luck next year! Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Helga, Joelle, and Polly: "BAH HUMBUG TO ALL OF YOU!"

The Missing PresentsEdit

[The girls' cousins, Phoebe, Arnold, Justin, Toby, Lila, Rhonda, Nathan, Drake and Tommy wake up to find their presents missing from under the tree]

Drake: "Mama, my presents are missing."

Christmas DinnerEdit

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