The transcript is in Japanese except for Nicole speaking, they will be captions and translations,


Nicole: "When Toshio was playing with his Classic Sonic doll, and Satoko was watching TV, Kazuki, Toshio's father and Satoko's husband, attacked them both because Satoko was in an affair with another man, Kenji Kawata, who is one of Satoko's friends from Hokkaido, Japan."

[Toshio is watching TV in the living room with Satoko]

Kazuki: "あなたはとても死んでいる!私は別の男とあなたを見た!敏夫は私の息子ではない!そして、彼はあなたと一緒に殺されたばかりだ!" (Translation: You are so dead! I saw you with another man! Toshio's not my son! and he's getting murdered along with you!)

[Kazuki starts tearing Satoko and Toshio's clothing, and starts attacking]

Kazuki: "今すぐ!(bleep)アイエヌジー溺死!" (Translation: NOW! (bleep)ING DROWNING!)

[Kazuki takes Toshio to the bathroom and drowns him]

Toshio: (through the water) "お父さん!やめて!" (Translation: Dad! STOP!)

Kazuki: "もし嫌な小僧!なぜ、あなたは生まれてなければならなかった!私は子供が嫌い!" (Translation: You disgusting little brat! Why did you have to be born?! I hate children!)

Satoko calls the policeEdit

Nicole: "Satoko got up and called the police."

[Satoko picks up the phone]

Satoko: "もしもし?警察は?彼は私の息子を溺れているので、私の夫は私の息子を溺死と私を攻撃されて、私も自分の弁護士が本当に速いと呼びます、来てくださ" (Translation: Hello? Police? my husband is drowning my son and attacked me, I will also call my attorney really quick because he's drowning my son, please come)

Police: "さて、奥様たちは来ている" (Translation: Okay, ma'am we're coming)

[Satoko hangs up and calls her attorney]

Satoko: "私は夫と離婚したい、彼は私の息子が溺れている!彼は生き残るために起こっている場合、私は知らない" (Translation: I want to divorce my husband, he is drowning my son! and I don't know if he is going to survive)

13 minutes later

[Toshio is trying hard to gasp for air]

[The police arrive]

Satoko: "彼は二階だ" (Translation: He's upstairs)

[The policeman goes upstairs]

Policeman: "一樹サモ、あなたは、児童虐待、あなたの息子の殺人未遂、そして襲撃のために逮捕します" (Translation: Kazuki Samo, you are under arrest for child abuse, the attempted murder of your son, and an assault)

[The Policewoman gets Toshio out of the water]

Policewoman: "それは大丈夫だ甘いものは、ここで安全だ" (Translation: It's okay sweetie, you're safe now)

[The Policewoman goes downstairs while holding Toshio]

Satoko: "俊夫!" (Translation: Toshio!)

[Satoko holds Toshio]

Satoko: "私はあなたを失うつもり私は思った!" (Translation: I thought I was gonna lose you!)

Policewoman: "それがされていない場合、彼は殺されてからでした、あなたの息子は無事だった良いことだ" (Translation: It's a good thing your son was safe, if not, he could of been killed)

Policeman: "彼の近死は致命的であった場合、また、私は救急車を呼ばれる" (Translation: Also, I called the ambulance if his-near death was fatal)

Satoko: "ありがとう" (Translation: Thank you)

Toshio goes into custodyEdit

Nicole: "Toshio was put in hospital due to a near-death."

Kazuki goes in courtEdit

Nicole: "Kazuki was in court, Satoko got custody of Toshio, and Satoko filled for a divorce."

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