Kazuki Sato (Another)
Vital statistics
Title No information
Gender Male
Race Onyro
Aliases Ghost with the missing liver, Boy Spirit
Status Married
Born September 22nd 2019/1994
Died November 9th 2037/2012 (age 18)
Cause of death Removal of liver
Years Active 2014-present
Height Unknown
Weight 52 lb (alive)

0 lb (ghost)

Friends Another Reicheru
Enemies Unknown
Location Demonic Power Elementary and Junior High School (AKA Another Demonic School of Powers)
Spouse Another Reicheru
Occupation(s) None yet


Another Kazuki Sato (Born 22nd September 2019/1994, Died 9th November 2037/2012) is the Another counterpart of Kazuki Sato, like his Normal counterpart, he was bounded to a wheelchair when he was alive, but wasn't when he was a ghost, he is the husband of Another Reicheru, instead of drowning, he was kidnapped and had his liver removed.


He is a slim young man of a tall height and a below average weight, He wears a WWII-era Japanese Imperial Uniform like his wife, with 2 swords, his eyes are also a dark brown, he has two swords which are usually on his back.


Unlike his Normal counterpart, he is very violent and is the most dangerous out of the three ghosts, his favorite method is stabbing and removing the liver, and being met by Sophie and the other members of her team 9 times and the others once. He has a role as an Anti-Hero, as he is shown to be very rude and swears at the Terrific 10, and then he gets told off by Marilou, he eats the remains of his victims when hungry, If they are none to eat, he usually hides in the Lightning room, bored and starving, after 4 days, he doesn't kill, and rests on his back, after a few weeks, the hunger pains become so painful he can't leave the room, and leaving his wife to carry him while complaining in Japanese "Another Reicheru, I'm starving." or "So hungry, Another Reicheru, Where is the corpses?!" until his wife kills people, this goes until he is appeased.


He has a lightning Demonic Power like his Normal counterpart, instead of a golden yellow, it is blue instead.



  1. Eating corpses
  2. Ramen
  3. Another Reicheru
  4. Anime from the 1980's to present
  5. Alexander Skasgard in The Legend of Tarzan (2016)


  1. Getting hungry.
  2. When they are no corpses
  3. Another Takumi Sato
  4. Tickle attacks (He is very ticklish)
  5. Babyish things
  6. 80's things (except anime)
  7. Cute things
  8. His feet touched
  9. Non-Japanese cartoons
  10. Disney things
  11. The Spice Girls
  12. Barbie


別の次元にようこそ、あなたの****を取得し、****を出す、良い一日を (Welcome to the Another Dimension, get your s*** and get the f*** out, have a nice day) ~ Kazuki "greeting" the Normal characters and before getting told off


  • He killed his father by smashing him against a wall with Another Alessandro helping him.
  • Goes cannibalistic when hungry, and will eat his victims' flesh, Another Reicheru is very aware of this, and tries to prevent him, will not move due to starvation after a few weeks of no one being inside the school.