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Before the Eye ExamEdit

Nicole: "At the age of 7, Karen's mother Shannon had to bring her up to the optometrist at the shopping mall."

Shannon: "Guys, I'm bringing your baby sister to the mall to see the optometrist."

Bryson: "Why?"

Brendan: "What's wrong with Karen?"

Shannon: "She is having problem with her eyes."

Brendan: "What's an optometrist?"

Shannon: "The optometrist is "

Bryson: "Who's gonna look after us?"

Shannon: "I called Mrs. to come over."

[The doorbell rings]

Shannon: "And here she is!"

Brendan & Bryson: " "

[Shannon answers the door]

Shannon: "Good morning "

Shannon Books to the ReceptionistEdit

Nicole: "When they arrived at the mall, Shannon booked to the receptionist of Karen's optometrist Dr. Parks."

[Shannon and Karen go down the escalator]

[Shannon takes Karen by her hand and they walk inside the optometrist's store]

Shannon: "Good morning Nina, my name is Shannon Astrid."

Nina the Receptionist: "Good morning Shannon, nice to see you, and who have you got here?"

Shannon: "My daughter Karen is here for an eye examination."

Nina the Receptionist: "Alright, and what's her full name?"

Shannon: "Karen Astrid."

Nina the Receptionist: "Right, and what time is her appointment at?"

Shannon: "11:15."

Nina the Receptionist: "What age is your daughter?"

Shannon: "She is 7 years old."

Nina the Receptionist: "Please have a seat."

Karen's Eye ExamEdit

Dr. Anna Parks: "Okay, Karen Droid-Astrid, we're ready for you."

[Shannon takes Karen by her hand and ]

Dr. Anna Parks: " "

Shannon: " "

Choosing a FrameEdit

Karen's Glasses are ReadyEdit

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