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Karen Droid-Astrid (born June 16, 2011) is a daughter of Shannon Astrid.


She wears glasses and she has , , and . She wears a


Family TreeEdit



  • Her full name is Karen Francesca Droid-Astrid
  • She started wearing glasses when she was 7
  • She is made fun for wearing glasses
  • She enjoys scrapbooking
  • Her favorite movie is Save the Last Dance
  • Her favorite TV program is The Sing-Off
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite hobbies are listening to hip-hop music
  • For Halloween 2023, she was dressed up as the Hip Hop Queen
  • In Christmas 2023, she opened up her presents to reveal The Hip-Hop Dance Experience Wii game, Millenium Hip-Hop CD, a Non-Stop Hip Hop CD, Old School Hip-Hop Jams CD, an MTV Presents-Hip Hop Back in the Day CD, a Naughty by Nature CD, and earphones. And in her stocking, she found a 16-GB iPOD nano.


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