The Kakko Family is a Fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Annie travels to South Africa for the very first time to meet the Kakko Family. Moses, age 37, and Laila, age 31, have 4 sons: Sam, age 12, Moses Jr., age 6, Zanzibar, age 4, and Gohan, age 18 months. Sam is well-behaved, but his little brothers are not. Moses Jr vandalizes objects, spits, fights, and terrorizes his siblings. Zanzibar throws tantrums and refuses to be potty trained. Gohan is starting to pick up his older brothers' (except Sam) behavior. Can Annie get her first African family to get back on track or will more chaos strike? This episode also marks an issue of the Naughty Chair (for Moses Jr. and Zanzibar), Naughty Pit (for Gohan), Thought Box (for Sam), Potty Training, and Vandal Disposal Technique.

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