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Kadyn Irine (born April 20, 2008) is a quadruplet brother of Bryce, Sherman and Madeliene Irine and son of David and Gladys Irine.


  • Disney's Aladdin KIDS...Iago
  • Shrek the Musical...Lord Farquaad
  • The Wizard of Oz...Cowardly Lion


He has amber eyes and red hair


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: David Irine (1959-)
  • Mother: Gladys Irine (née: Kellerman) (1982-)
  • Brothers: Josef Irine (2004-), Makai Irine (2007-), Bryce Irine (2008-), Sherman Irine (2008-), Aiden Irine (2009-), Broden Irine (2010-), Jayden Irine (2016-)
  • Sisters: Alison Irine (1996-), Haley Irine (2000-), Madeliene Irine (2008-)
  • Aunts: Katie Kellerman-Chaplin ( -), Deborah Irine-Comden ( -), Pamela Green-Irine ( -), Cynthia Kellerman-Robbins ( -)
  • Uncles: Victor Chaplin ( -), Clarence Comden ( -), George Irine ( -), Robert Robbins ( -)
  • Cousins: Julie Chaplin ( -), Linda Comden ( -), Donna Irine ( -), Leslie Robbins ( -)
  • Grandmothers: Gunilla Irine (née: Rhodes) ( -), Caroline Kellerman (née: Anderson) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: George Irine ( -), Clark Kellerman ( -)


  • His full name is Kadyn Wayne Irine
  • For Halloween 2010, he is dressed as a Baseball player
  • He played Iago in the school play, Disney's Aladdin KIDS
  • His favorite TV program is The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • His favorite activity is kick ball croquet
  • His favorite color is red
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road
  • His favorite book is the Curious George book series by Margaret and H.A. Rey
  • His favorite singer is Cody Simpson
  • His favorite song is "If I Only Had the Nerve" from The Wizard of Oz
  • His favorite food is apples
  • His favorite board game is Candyland
  • His favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz


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