Kadia O'Connell (born May 18, 2034 in Tripoli, Libya) is one of the adopted daughters of Gemma and Darren O'Connell and the quadruplet sister of Mohy, Bouba and Ajeeb O'Connell.

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday- Curious George
  • 2nd Birthday- Care Bears
  • 3rd Birthday- Disney Princess
  • 4th Birthday- The Jungle Book
  • 5th Birthday- Moana
  • 6th Birthday-
  • 7th Birthday-
  • 8th Birthday-
  • 9th Birthday-
  • 10th Birthday-
  • 11th Birthday-
  • 12th Birthday-
  • 13th Birthday-
  • 14th Birthday-
  • 15th Birthday-
  • 16th Birthday- Sweet 16 at a fancy restaurant a week before going to prom with her boyfriend
  • 17th Birthday- camping trip with her pals the night before prom
  • 18th Birthday- went to Las Vegas with her boyfriend and her two closest pals a month prior to her graduation



Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Kadia Mona O'Connell
  • For Halloween 2035, she is dressed as a sunflower
  • Her favorite color is blue
  • Her favorite TV show is Curious George
  • Her favorite movie is Curious George 2
  • Her favorite book is curious George
  • Her favorite toy is curious George
  • Her favorite activities are peekaboo