The Jumpline Family is a fanon season 5 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Rochester, NY to meet the Jumpline Family at a mansion consisting of 4 floors and a basement. A young woman named Kaia Marx, age 24, is the nanny for the Jumpline Family. Marvin (30) and Amanda (28) have 12 children. They have Melissa who is 13 1/2 and a fraternal set of 3-year old undecaplets, which makes 11. Their names are Orla, Kayla, Teddy, Bryce, Sherman, Kaidyn, Nicholas, Trent, Tristin, Adrian and Erin. The Jumpline undecaplets run around the mansion like wild animals, run out into the street, crave sugar-packed diets, snack constantly on junk food, scream, kick, hit, bite, pinch, and they refuse to stay in bed or try anything new. What's even worse, the youngest undecaplet, Erin, still won't give up her pacifier. This episode marks the issue of the Naughty Pit, Good Eater, Toy ConfiscationSnack Jar Technique, and Paci-Fairy technique

Naughty Pit

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