Julian Lopez (born August 23, 1997) appeared in an episode of Supernanny Fanon Season 6. He was born with a severe form of haemophilia and almost bled to death after having surgery when he was young. Julian's relationship with his older brother Carlos was rocky ever since he accidentally punched Julian in the face, which triggered a massive bleed. Since then, Julian and Carlos did not talk to each other and when their father died from a car accident, things got worse for the two brothers when they both started being mean to each other.

Currently, Julian has a better relationship with his brother and is studying to be a DJ.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Nate Lopez (deceased: 1972- )
  • Mother: Marisol Lopez (née: Wells) (1973-)
  • Brothers: Carlos Lopez (1996-), Guido-Demetri Lopez (2012-)
  • Sisters: Claudia Lopez (2001-), Isabel Lopez (2007-), Mimi Lopez (2007-)
  • Aunts: Mary Wells-Huggins (1970-), Victoria Canfield-Lopez ( -)
  • Uncles: George Huggins (1971-), Henry F. Lopez (1974-)
  • Cousins: Bruce Lopez (2011-), Frank Lopez (2013-)
  • Grandmothers: Marcia Lopez (née: Unkovich) ( -), Edna Wells (née: McNamara) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Danny Lopez ( -), Luigi Wells ( -)


  • His full name is Julian Pedro Lopez
  • His favorite color is crimson
  • He likes OREO cookies 'n cream ice cream


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