This took place 3 months before Jo visited the Juritins. For the Freak Foor version click here.


[A knock on the door is heard]

Joshua: "I'll get it!"

[Joshua opens up the door to see all of his friends]

Xandra: "HI!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Joshua: "Yo, Xandra!"

Xandra: "We are going camping together in Cuyahoga Valley National Park!"

Gretchen: "I purchased an RV for you guys to chill out!"

Joshua: "No grapefruits are allowed, especially my family!" (laughs)

June: "Joshua, you are not coming with them."

Joshua: "Not a chance, Jose! It is too late to stop us!"

Xandra: "Seeya!" (blows raspberry)

Edward: "They have left! Joshua shouldn't be coming with them in the first place!"

Ready to GoEdit

Katie: "We got all of the equipment now."

In the RV driving to Cuyahoga Valley National ParkEdit

Mako: "Dude, let's sing "What is Love?" while you are driving, Gretchen!"

Gretchen: "That will be awesome!" (brings out her iPod and starts playing the song)

Music Playing: "What is love? Oh baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!"

[Joshua and his friends start bobbing their heads to the song]

cut to:

Zelda: "He better come back in the house!"

Edward: "We can't do anything about it, they left!"

cut to:

Ron: "We are halfway there, right Gretchen?"

Gretchen: "We are certainly halfway there, according to our map!"

Bonzo: "OK!"

10 minutes later:

Joshua: "Boy, I am so bored."

Everyone: "Let's sing to (bleep) Suck (bleep)!"

Gretchen: "Good idea." (brings out her iPod and starts playing the song)

Music playing: "Aww (bleep), three icy (long bleep) from Odd Future doing some crazy (bleep), by the way, we do punch (bleep)."

[Joshua and his friends start bobbing their heads to the song, all the bad words are blocked by bleeps]

At the CampfireEdit

[Joshua and company are at the campfire roasting marshmallows]

Katie: "Wanna tell a ghost story?"

Xandra: "Yeah!"

Joshua: "Do tell a really good ghost story."

Katie: "Okay everyone. Now this is a really true story...about my boyfriend!"

Xandra: "Ooh...where does it take place?"

In the tentEdit

[Gretchen blows up a very large tent under the stars at night]

[Joshua and the gang are in their pajamas and they are inside the tent, minus Xandra]

Coraline: "I feel like a bear is going to eat us!"

cut to:

Xandra: "With this bear costume, I can play a trick on my friends!"

[Xandra is dressed in a realistic bear costume and runs towards the tent]

[A roar is heard in the background]

Wolf: "What was that?"

Katie: "I think it is a monster!"

Jackson: "Actually, I think it is a bear!"

[The bear costume portrayed by Xandra roars and is about to slash at Joshua and friends]


Xandra: "Don't worry, I fooled all of you!"

Lori: "Y'all safe, ain't we?!"

Ron: "Sure!"

Xandra: "I am not a bear! It is just me!"

Ron: "That reminded me of that episode from TDI! Total Drama Island!"

Sakura: "Correct! I wish I ate some sushi!"

[Xandra enters the tent]

Katie: "Let's turn on the flashlights and sing "Under the Influence!"

[Everyone turns on their flashlights and Katie turns on her MP3 player to play Under the Influence in its uncensored version]

Everyone: "So you can suck my (bleep) if you don't like my (bleep)! Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck my (bleep)! Two pills I pop 'til my pupils swell up like two pennies. I'm Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties! A young (bleep) man with the trash can strapped to the back of his (bleep) so the rats can't chew through his last pants!"

[A man sleeping in the cabin is disturbed and wakes up, then turns on the lights in the cabin]

Man: "Would you please turn it down, folks?"


Joey: "You bozo!"

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