This was a few weeks before Jo first came. If you want to view the Freak Foor version of this video, please go here.


[A knock on the door]

June: "Who could that be?"

[The door opens to reveal Xandra]

Xandra: "HEY, NOOB!"

Joshua: "Hey, it's you Xandra."

Xandra: "We are going on an outing to the park, going on a mini-golf trip, and going to Bocassio's for dinner!"

Joshua: "Sounds like fun, come on guys!"

June: "Joshua, stay in the house. You are grounded for breaking into a neighbor's home."

Joshua: "NOT A CHANCE, JOSE!" (blows raspberry and slams the door)

Zelda: "Joshua's going to miss us!"

Edward: "But he will be back at some point during the night."

Local ParkEdit

cut to:

[Joshua and his friends are walking down the street and to the local park]

Joshua: "Let's cause havoc so mysteriously that grapefruits won't notice."

Katie: "Awesome!"

Lori: "Let's do it, y'all!"

[Joshua and Ron torture the geese near the pond]

[Xandra writes a message on a sticky note that reads "Wee wur owt tu teh parck and we r goeng tu gawlph and Bokassioz for denner XANDRA WUZ HERE LMAO!" and pastes it on a park bench]

[Gretchen attacks a 7-year-old child playing catch with his father]


[Joshua's friends push a bench with an elderly man sitting on it and topples over]

[Joshua slaps the man in the face]

Man: "Hey, what is the big idea?"

Coraline: "Shut up, grandad!"

[Joshua discards his clothes, runs to the lake naked and pees in it]


[Joshua and his pals enter a mini-golf course]

Xandra: "I'd brush up my putting!"

Joshua: "Oh, did you say pudding? You better not dip the golf ball in cream!" (laughs)

Xandra: "That's right! I'd brush up my putting!"

Cut to:

[Zelda is working on her science project]

Cut to:

Katie: "We're all done. It's getting dark. Now we're going to Bocassio's for dinner."


Bonzo: "What shall we eat?"


Joshua: "Winners like us don't have time for losers like them."

Jackson: "I have to go back to do my experiments!"

Ron: "And I am going to scam some people!"

Gretchen: "I have a lawyer duty!"

Ron: "Maybe I would scam Jo Frost, Joshua."

Cut to:

[Edward is working on his book report]

Edward: "At least the good news is that Joshua won't be able to disturb me while I try to get my homework done."

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