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Josephine, John and Jett get sent to Behavior Modification Camp

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Bryce and Petunia's DecisionEdit

Nicole: "The day after Kwang-Sun and Ji-min's 13th birthday was ruined, the furious Bryce and Petunia decided to send their biological triplets to BMC."

[Josephine, John and Jett are in their bedroom]

Jett: "I know what we shall do, "

John: "Yes, this will teach them for grounding us for a year!"

Josephine: " "

[The triplets grab their paper and crayons and began with their work]

[Josephine draws a picture of Petunia getting run over by a lawnmower]

[John draws a picture of Bryce getting his hands cut off]

[Jett draws a picture of Petunia getting struck by lightning]

[Josephine draws a picture of both Bryce and Petunia being churned into butter]

[John draws a picture of Petunia being impaled by the Space Needle]

[Jett draws a picture of Bryce getting hit by a car]

[Josephine draws a picture of both Petunia and Bryce getting impaled by a cactus]

[John draws a picture of both Petunia and Bryce getting their brains blown out]

[Jett draws a picture of both Satoko and Yoshi falling off a cliff]

[Josephine draws a picture of both Kwang-Sun and Ji-min being hit in the eyes with darts]

[John draws a picture of Hugo getting mauled, eaten and killed by a bulldog]

[Jett draws a picture of Kim getting cut in half by a saw mill]

[Josephine draws a picture of Ling getting killed in a war]

[John draws a picture of Akim getting trampled to death by a heard of wildebeests]

[Jett draws a picture of Lucy dying in a car crash]

[Josephine draws a picture of Matt being burned alive]

[John draws a picture of Ania getting stabbed with a knife]

[Jett draws a picture of Coco being impaled]

Bryce: (calling from downstairs) " "

[The triplets arrive downstairs]

John: "What the f*** do you want, Bryce Bradford Williams?"

Josephine: "And Petunia Molly Williams?"

Jett: "Yeah, you stupid mommy and daddy!"

Petunia: "You three, don't call us names, and refer to us as 'mommy' and 'daddy'. Because of your behavior yesterday and for ruining Kwang-Sun and Ji-min's birthday, you are going to Behavior Modification Camp."

Bryce: "Pack your things now. You will be gone for 3 months."

Petunia: "And I have already called Mrs. German yesterday."

Boarding the bus to BMCEdit

[The BMC bus arrives at the Williams' house and the driver honks the horn]

Bryce: (calling the triplets from downstairs) "Time to go!"

[Petunia brings the triplets downstairs]

[Petunia joins Bryce outisde to help the driver to get the triplets to sit down and to put their seatbelts on and load their bags]

Bryce: "Goodbye guys! We'll miss you!"

[Josephine, John and Jett are loaded on the bus which takes them to BMC]

[The BMC bus drives away]

Petunia: "Goodbye, dears! We'll see you at the end of camp!"

1 Hour After the Triplets Have Left for BMCEdit

Ji-min: "Hey mom."

Petunia: "Yes?"

Kwang-Sun: "Now that the triplets are gone, can we please go to Baskin Robbins?"

1 Month After the Triplets LeftEdit

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