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Jose gets kicked out of Spring View Elementary School

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Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "As a result of physical assault against the students from Spring View Elementary School, Jose was thrown out of his 2nd school."

Jose at SchoolEdit

Mrs. Larzelere: "Okay, class. It's storytime!"

[Jose and his classmates gather in a circle]

Nicole: "Then, the unthinkable happened."

[Jose punches a girl in the left arm]

[Jose ]

[Jose ]

[Jose ]

[Jose ]

[Jose ]

[Jose's classmates scream and run in fear]

Jose's classmates: "MRS. LARZELERE!"

Principal's OfficeEdit

The Incident is ReportedEdit

Mrs. Larzelere: "Principal Brickley, Jose is hurting his classmates so bad!"

Principal Brickley's DecisionEdit

[Jose is at the principal's office with Hugo and Mrs. Larzelere]

Principal Brickley: " "

Expulsion AftermathEdit

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