Jose Remano (born January 21, 2011) is a young, disrespectful, boy who is a member of the Remano Family. In the TV series, Remano Family is the last episode of Season 7 and is the ONLY Season 7 episode created by Plankton5165. He first appeared in Supernanny: The Theory 2. He was born in 2011 in Nebraska. He is a boss in the Forest world and has kidnapped his parents. He goes into timeout in the Naughty Platform.

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit

Supernanny: The Theory 2Edit

Born in Nebraska, Jose Remano is a young, rude, rebellious and disrespectful Remano child. He has kidnapped his parents in the forest world. He goes into timeout in the Naughty Platform after he is defeated. He is 4 years old.


He has medium skin, brown eyes and medium brown hair.


Family TreeEdit


Hugo Remano

Bruna Remano

Katarina Remano

Rowan Remano

Joshua Remano

Sam Remano

Meghann Remano

Bryce Remano

Orla Remano

Aidan Remano

Dorris Hanlin - His wife

In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • His full name is Jose Timothy Remano
  • He receives coal for Christmas 2015
  • He was expelled from 3 schools
  1. Tiny Tots Preschool for blowing up the boys' bathroom
  2. Spring View Elementary School for physical assault against the students
  3. Arnold Elementary School for scattering shampoos across the hallway


He is married to Dorris Hanlin with three sons, Christopher, Tyler, and Bronson.

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