Jordan Bronson (born April 16, 2009) is the middle chld of Harriet and Gustav Bronson and brother of Julia and Sierra Bronson.


Jordan has fair skin, brown eyes and blonde hair


Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday- Dr. Seuss-themed party with special guests the Cat-in-the-Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2
  • 2nd Birthday-
  • 3rd Birthday-
  • 4th Birthday-
  • 5th Birthday-celebrated his birthday at Baskin Robbins
  • 6th Birthday-
  • 7th Birthday- Darkwing Duck-themed party
  • 8th Birthday-
  • 9th Birthday-
  • 10th Birthday-
  • 11th Birthday-
  • 12th Birthday-
  • 13th Birthday-
  • 14th Birthday-
  • 15th Birthday-

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Gustav Bronson (1973-)
  • Mother: Harriet Bronson (1971-)
  • Sisters: Julia Bronson (2008-), Sierra Bronson (2011-)
  • Aunts: Juliet Washam, Dorothy Bronson, Maude Washam, Ethel Bronson
  • Uncles: Woodruff Bronson, James Washam, Edward Washam
  • Cousins: Sally Bronson, Helen Washam, Bessie Bronson
  • Grandmothers: Emily Washam, Florence Bronson
  • Grandfathers: Matthew Washam, Clarence Bronson


  • His full name is Jordan Bradley Bronson
  • His favorite color is
  • His favorite holiday is Hanukkah


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