Before the Revolving Line of Credit Edit

Submission Reel Edit

Observation BeginsEdit

Melinda: "Chuckie, I want you to finish eating, and then you can go outside to play."

Chuckie: "No."

Melinda: "Chuckie..."

Melinda: "It's hard to deal with my kids by myself, ever since my husband, Trey, was killed in a theatre massacre during a movie premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' in Aurora, Colorado. We went there on our wedding anniversary, and a man with a gas mask on, dressed in black appeared and began a shooting rampage. 12 people, including Trey, were killed and at least 58 were wounded. This happened before Megan was adopted from Vietnam."

[Tobias throws his food at Melinda's face]

Melinda: "OW!"

[Barnaby punches his salad, and it explodes all over Melinda]

Melinda: "Barnaby, no! You may not do that."

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit



Watching a Slideshow DVD of Trey JonesEdit

[Melinda, Chuckie, Barnaby and Megan gather in the living room to watch a DVD]

Melinda: "Look, Chuckie. Who's that?"

Chuckie: "It's daddy."

DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

Family update Edit

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