Joanne Bertha Bones (born January 23, 1998) is the wife of Louie Bones and the mother of their 500 adopted children from 25 countries. She appears in Bones Family.


Joanne Bertha Bones was born to Susan and Frank Darling on January 23, 1998. She met Louie Bones at college, and within three years they were married. Joanne saw an advert on TV about adopting, so she adopted vigintuplets from all over the world.


She has olive skin, short brown wavy hair, and dark brown eyes. She also wears a bright yellow dress, an bright orange shawl, and yellow shoes


Joanne is overprotective and gets angry with her children easily. However, she is very kind and will do anything for her family.

Family TreeEdit


Joanne has dated a few men in college, but none of them lasted for long. Louie was always her true love.


  • Her full name is Joanne Bertha Bones
  • She likes English tea
  • Her favorite cheese is Wensleydale cheese
  • Her favorite food is pasta
  • Her favorite drink is soda
  • Her favorite TV show is The Young and the Restless
  • Her favorite movie is The Fault In Our Stars

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