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Orla's decisionEdit

1 week after the trio has left for ABSEdit

2 weeks after the trio has leftEdit

[Orla is cooking dinner]

1 month after the trio has leftEdit

5 weeks after the trio has leftEdit

7 weeks after the trio has leftEdit

2 months after the trio has leftEdit

10 weeks after the trio has leftEdit

3 months after the trio has leftEdit

The callEdit

Orla: "Hello, this is Orla Othorimer. Who's calling please?"

???: "Come and get your kids! Now!"

Orla: "What did they do? What happened?"

???: "They set the school building on fire!"

Orla gets tough with the trioEdit

Orla: "Now I'm sending you to Military School!"

[Robert finds a number to the Military School in London on the internet, lifts the receiver dials a number to Military School]

Robert: "Hello, is this the head of the Military School?"

???: "Of course it is. I'm Sgt. Melissa Patrick, how may I help you?"

Robert: "My name is Robert Othorimer and my three kids Morisa age 13, Olesia age 11 and Jay age 6 have all been kicked out of Agency Boarding School in Utah for misbehaving and setting fire to the whole school. So I wanted to know if you can enroll them on your program please."

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "When will they arrive?"

Robert: " "

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "Where do they live?"

Robert: "They live in Waterloo, Iowa."

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "Thank you, Mr Othorimer, your enrollment has now been accepted. Here in Military School, we accept Visa, MasterCard or any other kind of debt cards."

Robert : "I have a MasterCard,"

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "How many weeks will they be enrolled in?"

Robert: "Probably 9 weeks would do for them."

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: " "

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