Jo-Beth Cap (born May 11th, 2031) is one of the Canadian vigintuplet siblings adopted by Marci and Matthew Cap. Jo-Beth and her vigintuplet siblings were born in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. At the age of 14 months, she and her vigintuplet siblings, Martin, Avril, Celine, Justin, Gordy, Adolph, Kadim, Alannah, Demarco, Emma-Lee, Drayden, Ebony, Elijah, Johnpaul, Jody, Gavin, Julessa, Karessa and Hank were put in a foster care and later adopted.


She wears the same outfit as Jo's from Total Drama: Revenge of The Island, but wears pink sneakers.


She is between a tomboy and a girly-girl.

Family TreeEdit


Celine -

Marci -

Matthew -


  • Her full name is Joanna Beth Cap
  • For Halloween 2033, she was dressed up as Crumbs Sugar Cookie from the Lalaloopsy franchise
  • She and the rest of her vigintuplet siblings are fans of Rolie Polie Olie
  • Her favorite animal is the beaver.
  • Her favorite collection is Walt Disney Classics Collections: Lampwick Screwball In The Corner Pocket, which she likes and keeps it in her room.
  • Her favorite movie is
  • Her favorite TV show is
  • Her favorite color is
  • Her favorite number is
  • Her favorite activities are


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