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Jig Kidz is a Irish traditional band from Lisburn, Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland formed by the first set of quadecaplets from the Burns Family, who are all 14 years old.

Get to Know the MusiciansEdit

Lucinda Burns: Vocals,

Michelle Burns: Vocals,

Adam Burns: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano

Tanya Burns: Vocals, Banjo

Sarah Burns: Vocals, Irish Flute

Graham Burns: Vocals, Melodeon

Stephanie Burns: Vocals, Piano Accordion, Fiddle, High Tin Whistle

Glenn Burns: Vocals, Uilleann Pipes, Low Tin Whistle

Leah Burns: Vocals,

Amy Burns: Vocals, Concertina, High Tin Whistle

Kathryn Burns: Vocals, Fiddle, Button Accordion

Carly Burns: Vocals, Bodhrán

Andrew Burns: Vocals, Low Tin Whistle

Tess Burns: Vocals,


  • Some of their songs are instrumental



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