Jiao Xion (Chinese:錫安嬌, pinyin:Xī ān jiāo) (May 30th 204-June 4th 211) is a 7-year old Chinese girl from the Han dynasty of China, she is killed alongside Wei Zhenghan and Mulan Maozhi, she is killed by repeated stabs to the neck, and removal of the tounge.


She is a young girl of average height and weight, she wears an hanfu with traditional sandals with her hair in loose pigtails.

As a spirit, her neck is covered in blood, her tounge is severed.


She is shown to be less violent out of her, Mulan, and Wei, she also sits on Wei's lap alot, and acts as his personal assassin.


南京大屠殺和731部隊?我死的方式之前,即使發生 (Translation: Nanking Massacre and Unit 731? I died way before that even happened) ~ Jiao to Xiaoping about the Nanking Massacre and Unit 731.


Weather Change: Can change the weather.

Body Temperature Manipulation: Can be used to make herself pyrokinesis and cyrokinesis.

Family TreeEdit



Theory Smash Brawl BioEdit

Name: Jiao Xion

Age: 7/1812

Nationality: Chinese

DOB: May 30th 204

DOD: June 4th 211

Location of origin: Xuchang, Han China

Info: The youngest victim out of the kidnapping, she is one of the team's musicians

Likes: Playing with dolls, Powerpuff Girls, Chinese culture, Pokémon dolls

Dislikes: People that are mean to her.


  • She, alongside Mulan Maozhi and Wei Zhenghan, are the first characters born in the 3rd century.

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