Jiao/Jiko (Taiwanese name: 筱沢娇, Xiǎo zé Jiao Japanese name: 篠沢自己, Shinozawa Jiko) Shinozawa (December 30th 1941-August 6th 1945) is a Japanese-Taiwanese girl, she was born in Tokyo, Japan to IJA officer Hiro Shinozawa and Taiwanese Meimei/Meiko Shinozawa, she is the daughter of Kuro Unit leader Hiro Shinozawa, she has one uncle, Huizong Zhungxi/Hideki Shinozawa, who is her mother's fraternal twin brother.


She is a young child of a normal stature, She has black hair and dark brown eyes, she wears a white blouse and a flower patterned pants with a flower hair clip

As a ghost, her hair covers her face, which her fringe is still pulled back by her hairclip, her clothes are now all ruined,


Jiao/Jiko is quiet and reserved, she has a habit when speaking, she switches Japanese and Mandarin Taiwan Chinese, she loves her father very much and was very upset when she heard he got captured and starved to death, she also has a morbid fear of corpses and blood, much like her father, she is also mentally scarred due to her witnessing Japanese war crimes, especially Unit 731 and 100, she is shown to love playing with toys, including a Bunka dolls made to resemble her father and uncle.

As a ghost, she seemed shy and reclusive, she is shut off from her classmates when she was in kindergarten due to her mental trauma in Manchuria, leaving her rarely speaking.

Going to Unit 731 with her parents and uncle left her mentally and physically disturbed.


(My uncle and father both suffered starvation, but my uncle's starvation periods were bad, he was below average weight, was quite scrawny, but was strong enough to use a gun, he ate slowly due to fears of refeeding syndrome, if he ran out of food rations, he would try and steal ana Americans food rations, The worst one was during the Battle of Bataan, he got to eat at mommy and daddy's wedding, he didn't eat anything for two weeks, a low rumbling sound, he had difficulty moving, but managed to get there, how can he eat five pieces of wedding cake and still be this hungry? His appetite isn't too big, he was in a few POW camps, he was given food, but when Jonathan was in charge, his rations were reduced to 300 calories a day, but, the time he almost starved to death was in some land battle in the Battle of Okinawa, he fainted from hunger, was brought to a military hospital, it was malnutrition, he complained his stomach hurt, daddy told him he was just hungry, the time when he last ate? 3 weeks) ~ Jiao on her uncle

(My uncle and mommy are twins, I always wondered why they were share their birthday, March 16th, my daddy told me some people are born and arrived together and are siblings, mommy is the elder twin, uncle is the younger twin) ~ Jiao on her mom and uncle.

(My mommy and daddy, and uncle, we were in Macau one time, we tided up, I helped an old lady cross the road, in Taiwan, we love it, it's beautiful, bustling, full of friendly people, and in the Ghost World, I go to a school for WWII Preschoolers for those who died in ages 2-5, we have lots of fun! I made friends with a Chinese boy name Zhu, Chan Zhu, he was friendly, he died during an air raid in Chungking, China, he was a cheerful boy, even when I was Taiwanese-Japanese, he was friendly with mommy and daddy) ~ Jiao talking to Eric.

(One time, before daddy was captured and was in that Shanghai h***, my uncle barricaded himself into a room when Sho came over, during those days, he was starving, his room was locked by accident and when Sho was gone, it took him 4 days when I was at the door to notify that the moron was away, I heard loud growling, I thought it was a raging beast attacking him, but actually, it was his stomach, he told me if I could get him some food, I let him out and Sho was away finally, since he's been starving for 1 week, he asked daddy for food, but it was their training the day we done it, and after that, my uncle finally ingested something for the first time in a week, and he overfed himself, he took off the belt because his was pressing on his stomach, he slept for 4 hours, and he ran to get the excess weight off)

(One time, there was this Taiwanese lady, I accidentally shot her daughter in the head when I tried to get Uncle's gun off her, my eyes were filled with fear and I started crying, my uncle and daddy came in, I dropped it, that lady screamed, my daddy said "She's just a child, she didn't mean to do it on purpose, she tried getting the gun off her!", I was outside Unit 731's headquarters, It was 1944, doctors said it wasn't my fault at all and just blamed it on distraction, her brother actually vomited, the reason I was in Unit 731 a lot, even though it was a research facility, my seizures could kill me, and they had doctors checking me a few times in every 2 months)

(I'm, even though I can pass on, I am forever bounded to Unit 731, That means, My connections to it are permanent and no one can undo it)

(We moved around a lot during WWII, daddy and uncle were both in the Imperial Japanese Army, and we kept getting our household destroyed by firebombing raids, It was first Manchuria, then Peking, China, then Burma, then Korea, then Taiwan, and finally in Hiroshima)

(Uncle Huizong? Why is daddy sleeping, why?) ~ Jiao on seeing her dad's corpse.

(Daddy shares the same birthday as the man who runs the experiment hospital)


Jiko: "" (Translation: Daddy and Mommy, tell me that story when you both met)

Hiro: "" (Translation: Yes, Jiko, Daddy was in the Imperial Japanese Army, Mommy was in Taiwan, They met in 1940, I saw her and it was love at first sight, she was really beautiful, we barely knew each other's names, after Pearl Harbour, you were born, a Taiwanese-Japanese mixture, she was originally going to be a comfort women, or an ianfu, which I'm not going to explain, but because I loved her so much, the Kuro unit decided not to, she was my girlfriend when you were born and got married on the 9th April, during the Bataan Death March, Mommy is teaching me Chinese, the language of Taiwan, as well as China, Tibet, and a couple others, and Daddy is teaching her Japanese, her father was against the marriage, he demanded me killed, Grandma, however, didn't mind, at 1:00pm, we left Taiwan then went to Japan to start her new life, we got married there just months after you were born, the end, good night, Jiko)

Meimei/Meiko: "" (Translation: Jiao, That's was your name outside Japan and what I call you, your name was Jiko inside Japan and what Daddy calls you, me and daddy are going to bed now, goodnight Jiao)

Jiko: "" (Translation: Goodnight Daddy and Mommy)

Jiao/Jiko and her parents

Jiao: "我去過哈爾濱,滿洲里,還是偽滿洲國,我已經參觀了731股,戰俘營,地獄船舶,以及所有那些不好的事情我們都做了,媽媽和爸爸結婚的菲律賓,巴丹死亡行軍過程中,最後,我們跳舞,並一直持續到死亡行軍結束時,731部隊,他們讓我穿上好笑的看著醫療衣服和戰俘營,美國男子被毆打,我看到有他的禁忌部分之一斷了,我閉上我的眼睛,因為他們做到了" (Translation: I've visited Harbin, Manchuria, or Manchukuo, I've toured Unit 731, POW camps, Hell ships, and all those bad things we've all done, Mommy and Daddy got married in the Philippines, during the Bataan Death March, At the end, we were dancing and it went on until the end of the death march, Unit 731, they made me wear funny looking medical clothing, and POW camps, American men were beaten up, I saw one having his no-no parts cut off, I shut my eyes as they done it)

Sun Wei: "I'm sorry for asking, Jiao."

Jiao: "這是,這是相當好的,他們承受一個小孩,我,血,手術無需麻醉,和其他的東西,當我在營地,我穿死中國孩子的衣服,裝病,但有些的醫生可以採取一個笑話,731部隊是可怕的,我參觀的地方,向上和向下,我傷痕累累的生活中,我看到了一個中國男孩患病與食用炭疽股價的巧克力糖果炭疽,他似乎是我的年齡,我穿著那些白色的西裝,我看到一個老太太生病了瘟疫,我躲在因為我有一個擔心生病,但醫生告訴我,我穿了防護服,我是不會生病,當我們離開,我們去了台灣,和我打了爸爸媽媽,而我的叔叔看著遠處看,我們沒有去滿洲里,如果UNT 731的細菌和病毒是太嚴重,我們進入,我們會玩,我會微笑,我很高興,開朗,有一次在731,我和叔叔和他抱著我在他的背上,我看到了一個中國女孩患炭疽,一樣一樣的年齡我,他們活體解剖她的男孩,我感到不安,我的叔叔瞇起眼睛,我還參觀了戰俘營和地獄船舶,可怕的地方,最可怕的地球的最可怕的地方" (Translation: It's, it's quite alright, They subjected a toddler, me, to blood, surgery with no anesthesia, and other things, when I was in the camps, I wore the clothes of a dead Chinese toddler, and pretend to be sick, but some of the doctors could take a joke, Unit 731 was scary, I toured the place, up and down, I was scarred for life, I saw a Chinese boy sick with anthrax from eating anthrax-laced chocolate candy, he appeared to be my age, I wore those white suits, I saw a lady sick with the plague, I hid because I had a fear of being ill, but the doctors told me that I was wearing the protective suit and I wasn't going to get sick, When we left, we went to Taiwan, and I played with daddy and mommy while my uncle watched in a distance, we didn't go to Manchuria if Unt 731's bacteria and viruses were too severe for us to enter, We would play and I would smile, I was happy and cheerful, and one time in 731, I was with uncle and he held me on his back, and I saw a Chinese girl sick with anthrax, same as the boy the same age as me, they vivisected her, I was disturbed and my uncle squinted his eyes, I also visited POW camps and hell ships, scary places, the scariest of the scariest places of earth)

Sun Wei: "Look, you may be Taiwanese-Japanese, but, I don't really hate you, you are an adorable little girl who has seen some s***."

Jiao/Jiko tellng about the Japanese War Crimes

Jiao: "" (Translation: My daddy, Uncle Hideki, mommy, and me when in Manchuria, we wore masks to protect ourselves from infection, we played pranks on Chinese children by giving them fake sweets, we gave them a brick that was inside a wrapper, then told them it was chocolate, they stared in disbelief, we also saw a vivisection of an an adult man, it was gruesome, he had the plague and we wore protective suits, Uncle Hideki was frightened, he looked in disbelief, my daddy refused to look, when the blood got on me, I turned my head, mommy and uncle were the only ones friend watching)

Huizong: "' (Translation: This was only a joke, I didn't like the experiments, but could tolerate watching them, Bataan Death March, holy c***, My sister and Hiro got married at the end of the march, then they had a party, I was playing with Jiko, holy f***, I saw the surviving Prisoners of War, I felt sorry for them, holy f***, no s***)

Huizong/Hideki and Jiao/Jiko talking about Japanese war atrocities

Jiao/Jiko: "" (Translation: I loved Granny, I hated Grandad, he treated me as If I was expired sushi, he hit me, dragged me, pushed me, and pulled my hair, he didn't understand Japanese and kept yelling at me to speak Mandarin, Japanese is my main language, Mandarin Chinese is the main language of Taiwan and China, when Uncle Hideki came home, he noticed and pulled me from his grip, I cried in my uncle's arms, it stained his uniform, he yelled that he didn't want to see him again, we got on the Imperial Japanese Navy boat and we set sailed to Tokyo where then we moved to Hiro-Hiroshima, Zhao forced me into labour, which I think is illegal in Taiwan, he told me I was disgusting, my family never returned to Taiwan until his death in 1943, he died of a heart attack caused by a fatal kick to the chest by uncle, hate to say this, he deserved it, after he was told not to joining the Kuro Unit as daddy's second-in-command)

Huizong: "" (Translated: I still loved mom, even years after I died and mainland Republic of China died at the end of the Chinese Civil Wars and Taiwan, which became the new Republic of China and the People's Republic Of China in mainland's place, PRC still has memories of the atrocities, but Taiwan had less crimes when it was Japan's colony, but we did horrible things to them, but they forgave us and were able to move on, well, nearly everyone, Republic of China is enjoying its new life as Taiwan and is making friends with its former ruler, Japan, but even though People's Republic of China wasn't established until 1949, the hate managed to get to the new, communist China, and now officially, China hates Taiwan and Japan, but Taiwan doesn't, we modernised it, built trains, railway, everything, well, they were a couple of comfort women, but, Taiwanese people managed to forgive)

Jiao about her abuse and Huizong about China and Taiwanese

Jiao: "" (Translation Uncle! Let's go to the festival~!)

Meimei: """ (Translated: Hold on sweetie, uncle and daddy need to fix a couple of more guns first)

Hiro: "" (Translation: These ones need to have a sling, these ones are broken, and this one needs a new barrel)

Huizong: "" (Translation: I see)

Huizong and Hiro fixing weapons and Jiao/Jiko wanting to go to the festival

Jiao/Jiko: "嬌期待去台灣看看上月10日我的奶奶,但傷心欲絕,他們再也沒有回來,焦廣島死了,嬌只是一個孩子,嬌不省人事旁邊的叔叔和媽媽死了,當焦醒了,嬌看到我的屍體,屍體有血液和燒焦的皮膚,嚇人,但是,我怎麼還在,移動和呼吸,嬌是一個精神,一個幽靈,媽媽的衣服被燒毀,我能看到媽媽的胸罩,她毀了和服之下,叔叔的衣服被燒毀,他是光著腳,作為一個鬼,我們發現他的鞋子,我們團聚和爸爸,他錯過了我們這麼多,嬌這麼多,我愛我的爸爸" (Translation: Jiao was looking forward to go to Taiwan to see my grandma on August the 10th, but heartbroken they never came back, Jiao died in Hiroshima, Jiao was only a child, Jiao fell unconscious alongside uncle and mama and died, when Jiao woke up, Jiao saw my corpse, corpse had blood and burnt skin, scary, But, how was I still, moving and breathing, Jiao was an spirit, a ghost, mommy's clothes were burnt, I could see mommy's bra, from underneath her ruined kimono, uncle's clothes were burnt, he was barefoot, and as a ghost, we found his shoes, we were reunited with daddy, he missed us so much, Jiao so much, I love my daddy)

Ann: "I don't really understand her."

Jiao Xiao: "She's telling us about what happened to her, her mommy and uncle."

Ann: "Oh."

Jiao telling her death

Ann: "Why is your dad wearing a hooded cloak?"

Jiao/Jiko: "" (Translation: Resemblance to Emperor Showa, People have been scared of him for it, Chinese, Koreans, and even Americans, especially older Americans, especially POWs, as he roamed camps with me, but, Emperor Showa was only 38-44 during the war, Daddy was only 23 when he died, both men had mustaches, had eyeglasses, and both were in military uniforms, hair parted to one side, and he, I think was the Ghost Galaxy's 1st Emperor Showa lookalike, he always wore a hooded cloak to stop people from peeing themselves over their appearance, most Chinese and Korean members of the team respect this)

Ann: "I heard about Unit 731."

Jiao/Jiko: "" (Translation: I've seen it, very bad place and not one of my favorites, it's like Josef Mengele, but Toshio-san, I still love him despite the experiments)

Jiko and Ann talk to eachother

Jiao: "" (Translation: I was never told my daddy had died, like Mr. Mitch Lucker, I can feel how his own family felt, I was told before the Hiroshima bomb was dropped, I was Daddy's Little Girl, I really missed him, and when I was a ghost, I was happy to see my daddy again)

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

Due to being a toddler at death, she doesn't participate in much military activity unlike the other Team Terrific 10 members, but she is usually seen playing with her dolls, watching TV, or some WWII films for children.


  • She has bunka-like dolls resembling her uncle and father.
  • Her character theme song not by the Team Terrific 10 is Unit 731 by Slayer.
  • She hates Another Nicole's Barbie-themed cupcakes, saying they taste like a Unit 731 Victim's corpse mixed with Yangzte water, this is seen in the episode Are These Cupcakes S***?! (JP: Cupcake Capers)
  • She has epilepsy, similar to her uncle.
  • Her soldier number is 1935, which is the same year that Unit 731 was established.
  • She is a fan of the Powerpuff Girls
  • She loves the Toy Story movies
  • Her connections to Unit 731 are a somewhat a coincidence, as her father shares the same birthday with Shirō Ishii, the founder of Unit 731, June 25th, her use of cholera bombs, and often wearing a white hazmat suit.

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