Nicole: "December 30th 1941, a baby girl was born to Japanese soldier, Hiro Shinozawa and his soon to be wife Meimei or Meiko Shinozawa."

Meimei: (speaking Japanese) "" (Translation: Hiro-kun, the baby's coming)

Hiro: "" (Translation: I'll get you to a medical base)

[Hiro and Meimei/Meiko get a carriage and the horses run to a IJA hospital]

Jiao/Jiko is bornEdit

Doctor: "" (Translation: Push, Shinozawa-san)

[Meimei/Meiko screams]

Doctor: "" (Translation: One more!)

[A baby is heard crying]

Doctor: "" (Translation: It's a girl!)

3 minutes later

[Hiro comes in]

Meimei: (speaking Japanese) "" (Translation: It's a girl, Hiro-kun)

Hiro: "" (Translation: A girl, I'll call her Jiko when we are in Japan)

Meimei: (speaking Chinese) "" (Translation: And Jiao when we are outside Japan, yes?)

[Hiro nods]

Hiro and Meimei come back homeEdit

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