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Ji woong watches PB&J Otter with his classmates

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Nicole: "Ms. Joe wanted her classmates to watch a show for toddlers and preschoolers, that pretended to end in 2000, but reruns aired in September 2012."

Ms. Joe: "Every Friday, we watch a show that's learning and that's good for you. This week, it's PB&J Otter."

Nicole: "If they disobeyed Ms. Joe, what came next would be absolutely shocking."

Ji woong: "Screw this (bleep), I can't take it."

[Ji woong sneaks out of his seat while Ms. Joe isn't looking and pulls the fire alarm]

Ji Woong: "FIRE!"

Ms. Joe: "A fire drill already? I thought it wasn't until next week. Alright, line up students. Fire drill's a fire drill."

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