[Ji woong is on the assembly computer, on the Powerpoint]

Ji woong: "Guys this is going to be a blast!"

Mi-Yung: "Replace the powerpoint slides with rude gestures and replace the speech with inapporiate messages, naughty lyrics, and swears."

Ji woong: "Good idea."

[Ji woong gets a picture of rude gestures on Google Images and put them on Powerpoint]

Ji woong: "Done."

Mi-Yung: "Now vandalize the speech."

[Ji woong goes onto the Microsoft Word speech, replaces the words with not so apporiate messages, naughty lyrics, and swear words]

Ji woong: "Done and save."

[Ji woong saves it and prints it and puts the tampered speech in the assembly hall]


[Everyone is at the assembly]

Ms Joe: "I want to give good luck for the football team winning the championship, our powerpoint will have their victory."

[A teacher goes to the PowerPoint that had been tampered with rude signs, such as the middle finger]

[Everyone gasps, while Ji woong tries hard not to laugh]

Ms Joe: "Oh and the speech."

[Ms Joe reads the speech]

Ms Joe: "Everyone is a (bleep), (bleep), eat some (bleep), suck my (bleep), (bleep) (bleep) (bleep)sucker mother(bleep)er (bleep) and (bleep), (bleep you all, you all (bleep)ing suck."

[The teachers gasp]

Ms Sean: "How such filthy language!"

[Ji woong and his classmates nearly giggle]

Ji woong: "Oh man..."

[Ms. Joe stops and looks at the vandalized speech]

Ms. Joe: "Wait a minute, who did this?!"

[Ms Joe turns around and faces Ji Woong and his classmates]

Ms Joe: "Mr. Kirochu, you bought yourself a detention for the rest of the school year."

[Ji woong and his classmates give Ms Joe the middle finger and run away]

Hall monitor: "No running in the halls!"

[Amaya flips the Hall Moniter off]

Amaya: "あなた(long bleep)." (Translation: *** you.)

[Ms. Sean stops them and Ms. Joe gives each of them a detention slip]

Ms. Joe: "All of you must go to the principal's office."


[Toshio comes out wearing a samurai uniform while holding a katana]

Toshio: "拘留中に私たちを入れて、何か悪いことがあなたに起こるでしょう! (Translation: Put us in detention, something bad will happen to you!)

Ji woong: "(bleep) yeah!"

Amaya: "太り過ぎ(long bleep)" (Translation: Overweight ***)

Natasha: "YEAH! WHAT HE SAID!"

[Ms. Joe sends Ji Woong and company to the principal's office]

Ji Woong and his classmates in After-school DetentionEdit

Mi-Yung: "Aw, man. A detention for the rest of the school year!"

Ji woong: "I know, but it was worth it."

Toshio: "私はちょっと疲れてる" (Translation: I'm getting kinda tired)

Amy: "How are you going to explain this to your mom, Ji Woong?"

[Ji woong gets out a Bowie Knife]

Amy: "Is that a Bowie knife? If they catch you with it, you'll get expelled!"

Mi-Yung: "Don't worry. We will give it to our weapons and explosives expert, Ling Chang."

Ji woong: "Amy, we'll threaten her to give us good reports."

Ling: "I'll do it."

Ji woong: "Okay."

[Ji woong gives Ling the Bowie Knife]

Ji woong: "Good Luck."

[Ling sneaks out of detention, and goes up to Ms. Joe and threatens her]


[Ms. Joe rolls her eyes]

Ji Woong and company in the Principal's Office Edit

Principal Quinn: "Ji Woong, I have expected better from you, but vandalism is not to be tolerated at this school. As penalty, you and your accomplices will be spending the rest of the school year serving detention after school. Plus, you will not be allowed to participate in any school-related activities for the rest of the year."

Ji woong: "We didn't do it, Johnny Kilmt did it."

Natasha: "Yeah he made us do it."

[Ji woong rushes out]

Principal Quinn: "Just a minute, young man. How do I know you are not lying?"

[A plane comes and lands in the parking lot with Toshio driving it]

Ji woong: "So long Princess Quinn....."

[Ji woong, Natasha, and all their friends (minus Toshio) get their things and run out of the principal's office to the parking lot]

Ms Joe: "Quinn! we can't let them escape!"

[Principal Quinn and Ms Joe run after Ji woong and his friends]

Ji woong: "You can't chase for (bleep) Ms Joe, go ahead and try."

Natasha: "Hey Quinn and Ms Joe! Take this!"

[Natasha trips Principal Quinn and Ms Joe]

Ji woong: "Good one Natasha!"

[Ji woong and his friends jump into the plane and flee]

In the planeEdit

Amaya: "どこでその飛行機を手に入れた?" (Translation: Where did you get the plane?)

Toshio: (smugly) "それはイワナが盗む原因盗んだ!" (Translation: Stole it cause I wanna steal!)

Ji woong: "Okay...."

Mi-Yung: "This should be called the Mega, Anti Ms Joe, team of the awesome, no one can handle the awesome!"

Ji woong: "My mom is at her honeymoon with dad, Anna and Tariko are at summer school, shall we pick up Ji min and Ji kwong?"

[Toshio nods]

cut to:

Ms Joe: "We failed to capture a bunch of misbehaved brats!"

cut to:

[The planes lands near the Kirochu Household]

Ji woong: "Everything got their things? cause were going to Japan!"

Yuki: "Yes we all got our things!"

Ji min: "My god Ji woong... was Toshio stealing again?"

Ji woong: "Yes and wanna come to Japan?"

Ji min: "Yes!"

[Ji min quickly rushes inside and gets her clothes and stuff]

Ji min: "Shall Ji kwong come too?"

Ji woong: "Yes, i don't want her to be looked after Barry, my family's next door neighbor,you know how he is..."

[Ji min rushes inside again gets Ji kwog out of her cot, gets her toys and clothes and rushes back out and goes onto the plane while holding Ji kwong]

Yuki: (through the microphone) "Please fasten your seatbelts, were ready for lift off, please turn off all electric devices, and thank you for boarding the Anti-Ms Joe plane, we will now lift off in 3... 2... 1.. lift off!"

[Toshio starts the plane and the plane flies]

Mi-Yung: "What ward are we staying in?"

Ji woong: "Nerima."

[Ji min is playing with Ji kwong by showing her a plush bunny]

Ji min: "Look Ji kwong, a bunny, her name is Zhai and she wants to be your plane buddy."

[Ji kwong baubles and takes the plush rabbit from Ji min's hand]

cut to:

[Ms Joe in a raging outburst]

cut to:

[Ji min gossiping with Amy]

Amy: "Where did you get that toy rabbit?"

Ji min: "Ling brought Ji kwong a set of the Chinese Zodiac plush dolls, her favorite is the rabbit."

Ling: "I cannot wait for Japan! Ji woong can we go to China the next time!"

Ji woong: "Yes.. we can go."

[Ji kwong happily baubles]

Ji Woong: "When we get there, I can find new ideas for our comedy sketches for our show."

Ji min: "What movie is playing today?"

Ji Woong: "It had better not be that Barney movie." (Shudders)

Mi-Yung: "Let's see what movie we've got!"

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