Nicole: "Ji woong hates Ms. Joe."

2 days before the videoEdit

Ms. Joe: "Now class, for assembly, we will be watching the healthy show mix with shows including Barney and Friends, Tickety Toc, Oobi, and Rolie Polie Olie."

1 day before the videoEdit

[Ji woong finds a video]

Ji woong: "Scary rocking chair video? Let's try it."

[Ji woong plays the video]

Ji woong: "Ummm.... sounds interesting."

[Seconds later, the basket spins]

[Three seconds later, a very creepy face appears followed by a noise]

Before the videoEdit

Ji woong: "Okay, guys, once we replace the (bleep) mix video with the scary basket video, we will go to Ukraine!"

[Ji woong plays the video]

Ling: "Ummm... seems innocent..."

[Seconds later, the basket spins]

[3 seconds later, an exceedingly creepy face shows up with a very scary voice]

Toshio: "OMG! That'll do it!"

Kim: "Giữ rất yên tĩnh." (Translation: Keep very quiet.)

The videoEdit

Ms. Joe: "The healthy shows will now mix."

[A teacher goes on a laptop running Windows 8 and opens the video]

[The Scary Basket plays]

Audience: "Huh?"

[10 seconds later, the scary basket spins]

Audience: "That's not the healthy---"'[screams in horror, as the questionable Оксана Великажінка face pops up with an exceedingly scary voice]


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