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Ji woong and his friends go to English Channel

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Nicole: "As a plan to annoy Ms. Joe and Giuseppe and Stacie Todaro, they replaced the Oobi freestyle with bloody Sonic pictures as Aen-Kwang wanted to do."

[Ji woong logs into the account, replaces the video with a video of violent Sonic pictures, and flees the room]

Ji woong: "Let's go to the....."

Ji min: "English Channel? I want to go to Jersey."

Ji woong: "A-Okay!"

[Ji woong and co. board the Anti Ms. Joe plane and flee]

Ms. Joe, Stacie and Giuseppe get shockedEdit

[Giuseppe plays the video]

Stacie: "Oh my god!"

Ms. Joe: "JI WOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

At the planeEdit

[Toshio is in the hot-tub]

They arriveEdit

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