[Ji woong and his classmates are in a home economics class, cooking cottage pie]

John (Ji woong's classmate): "I don't even like cottage pie!"

Natasha: "Chill out."

Ji woong: "Yeah...."

Amy (Ji Woong's other classmate): "I downloaded songs by Three Days Grace, Evanescence, P!nk, Justin Bieber, and Skillet to my iPod the other day. Wanna listen to it?"

Ms Joe (Ji woong's teacher) "You will not be doing that, You will be making cottage pie!"

[Ms Joe puts Amy's iPod in her bag]

Ms Joe: "You will have this back once cooking is over!"

[Ji woong and his classmates flip Ms Joe off]

10 minutes later, during peeling carrots

Ji woong: "Teacher, I feel sick."

[Ji woong vomits]

[Ms Joe ignores Ji Woong's illness]

Ms. Joe: "You're trying to fake being sick to try to get out of class, aren't you, boy? Well, it won't work."

Natasha: "SHUT UP! YOU STAY OUTTA THIS! (bleep)!!!!!"

[Natasha slaps Ms. Joe]

[Natasha turns to Josie]

Natasha: "Eww... Josie go get me a towel."

Ji woong: (slurring) "Hulp, hulp!" (Translation: Help help!)

[Josie cleans Ji woong's vomit]

Josie: "I'll call your parents..."

[Josie gets her phone, dials a number, and calls James]

Josie: (on phone) "Your son is sick from cutting carrots he vomited all over the floor."

James: "Oh no...."

Josie: "He ate a carrot peel, then he felt sick...."

James: "I'll be here in a moment."

Josie: "Okay..."

[Josie hangs up]

20 minutes later

[James arrives]

James: "Can i get my son?"

Teacher: "Okay..."

[James goes to the home economics class]

James: "Let's go to the hospital..."

[James picks up Ji woong and puts him in the car]

Ji woong: (Thinking: "This sucks...")

At the Hospital

[Ji woong is lying on a bed]

Doctor: "Ji woong, you are allergic to carrots so don't eat or come in contact with carrots."

Ji Woong: "After this happened, Ms. Joe didn't even bother to do a thing about it. She said I was 'faking it'. She ignored the whole incident, and sat at her desk as if nothing happened."


(A paramedic knocks on Ms.Joe's door)

Ms.Joe: "Who is it?"

(Paramedic explains to Ms.Joe that Ji Woong should not be in contact with carrots)

Natasha: "Where's Ji woong?"

Ms.Joe: "Come here and sit down for a minute."

Natasha: "What?"

Ms.Joe: "Natasha, something happened to Ji Woong last night."

Natasha: "Is he okay?"

Ms. Joe: "He is not allergic to carrots! he was faking!"


[Natasha angrily slaps Ms. Joe]

Natasha: "GO DIE!"

[Ji woong enters the room]

Ji woong: "Nats? That (bleep)ing teacher is just plain stupid."

Natasha: "I agree, are you okay though?"

Ji woong: "Yeah."

[Ji woong links arms with Natasha and they leave the room with their classmates]

Sean-Jon: "Are you okay dude?"

Ji woong: "Yes, I found out I was allergic to carrots."

Natasha: "Bad news, she's making you write a 20,000 page report."

Ji woong: "HOLY (bleep) ON A SANDWICH WITH (bleep) ON TOP!!!!!!!!!"

Natasha: "Due Monday."

Ji woong: "Let's go on the getaway plane and..... go to... Mexico?"

Natasha: "I would like that."

[Toshio and Amaya bow in agreement]

Natasha: "We should invite Ms. Sean's class."

Ji woong: "Yeah."

Ms. Joe: "You'll be not doing that! After cooking, we are watching Barney The Dinosaur!"

Ji woong: "IT'S BABYISH!!!"

Ms. Joe: "I beg your pardon? You are watching these shows because they are little ones in this school!"

Ji woong: "WHO THE (bleep) CARES! NO ONE!!!!"

Mi-Yung: "Shall my brother Kwang-Sun come?"

Ji woong: "Yeah!"

[Ji woong runs towards Ms. Sean's class]

Ji woong: "We are going to Mexico, got yer things packed?"

Satoko: "Yes."

Ji woong: "Good."

Mi-Yung: "That woman is such a crab."

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