Ji woong's Exam Challenge: The Lethal Trial Gauntlet is a game that was released in January 11, 2013 in Japan. It was released in February 29, 2013 in North America. It was released in April 3, 2013 in Europe, but there is an exception to that. In Italy, it was released in March 10, 2013. It was released in Korea in June 1, 2013. It was released in Australia in July 29, 2013.


  • The number of worlds increased from 19 to 40, in including family members in specific families.
  • There is a 1% chance an enemy can be recruited from here on, and for bosses, the chance is based on how many worlds have been cleared. For example, if the player has cleared 10 worlds so far, there is a 10% chance that each boss could be recruited. However, this is impossible in first clear.

Playable charactersEdit


  • Giuseppe Todaro
  • Destruction Fergunator
  • Lord Dodgedare
  • Queen Annihilaterena
  • Stacie Todaro



The game received positive reviews. Gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game a score of 39/40. IGN gave it a score of 9.5. Metacritic gave the game 94%. The game was number two for 11 weeks, also debuted there by 2 March 2013 in North America.

In Korea, the game has since peaked inside the top 20.