Ji wang Kerriton (born March 19, 2022) is Ji min and Thomas Kerriton's son and Ji kwong's younger brother. He appeared in the episode, Kirochu Family Revisited as a newborn.


He has very short black hair and wears blue bunny bundle pajamas.


Family TreeEdit


Ji min: His mother, is protective of him.

Thomas Kerriton: His father, also protective of him.

Anna Kirochu: One of his aunts, She is gentle towards him.

Tariko Kirochu: Same as Anna

Ji woong: His uncle.

Ji kwong: His big sister. She is protective of Ji wang similar to Ji min.

Ji hung: Ji wang gets attacked and tortured by him.

Ji chang: Same as Ji hung.

Ji sung: Ji sung is gentle towards him.

Orla: His grandmother, is also protective of him.

James: His grandfather acts nice to him.

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • He has a Bob the Builder-themed nursery.
  • He loves Peek-a-boo and the color red.


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