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Before the Eye ExamEdit

Nicole: "Ji kwong Kirochu, a four year old daughter of a South-Korean born Ji min, went to see Dr. Ward at the optometrist's shop."

Ji min: "Okay Ji kwong, are you ready to go?"

Ji kwong: " "

Ji min: " "

Ji min Books to the ReceptionistEdit

Vanessa: "Good morning Ji min, how may I help you?"

Ji min: "Yes, I'm here for an appointment."

Vanessa: "Who for?"

Ji min: "My 4-year-old daughter Ji kwong."

Vanessa: "And what's her second name?"

Ji min: "Ji kwong Kirochu."

Vanessa: "What time is her appointment at?"

Ji min: " "

Vanessa: " "

The Eye Exam BeginsEdit

Nicole: "It was then Ji kwong's turn to see Dr. Ward."

[Dr. Richard Ward comes out of his room with a clipboard in his hand]

Dr. Richard Ward: " "

[Ji min takes Ji kwong by her hand and brings her into Dr. Richard Ward's room]

Dr. Richard Ward: "So what brings her here today?"

Ji min: "The reason why I brought her to see you is when she was reading a Harry Potter book, her vision became blurred."

Dr. Richard Ward: "What book were you reading, Ji kwong?"

Ji kwong: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Dr. Richard Ward: " "

Ji kwong: " "

Dr. Richard Ward: " "

Ji kwong Picks a PairEdit

Ji kwong Collects Her GlassesEdit

Nicole: "Ji min took Ji kwong back to Dr. Ward's shop to collect her glasses."

Dr. Richard Ward: "Now you can read your Harry Potter books better with your glasses!"

Ji Kwong: "Yay!"

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