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Ji hung and Ji chang stab their cousin with knives

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Cause and EffectEdit

Nicole: "Ji kwong was playing with her Mulan doll, until her cousins surprised her with ."

Ji hung: "Oh, Ji kwong..."

Ji chang: "We have something to share with you."

[Ji hung and Ji chang hold out the kitchen knifes]

[Ji kwong runs away from her cousins]

Ji kwong: "Mommy, help me!"

[Ji kwong gets quickly away from her cousins, runs into the bathroom and locks the door]

[Ji kwong curls herself up in the corner]

[Ji hung and Ji chang grab a key and unlock the door]

[Ji kwong escapes, running as quickly as she can towards the door]

Ji kwong: "Mommy, help!"

[Ji kwong runs to her bedroom and locks the door]

[Ji kwong uses every piece of furniture to barricade the door and keep her attackers out]

[Ji kwong hides under the bed]

[Ji hung and Ji chang lacerate Ji kwong in the abdomen and neck via their respective kitchen knives]


Ji hung: "You shall rest in the pits of (bleep), you horrible-looking creature!"

Ji min: "THOMAS!!!!!!!! PHONE AN AMBULANCE!!!!!"

Thomas: "Got it!"

[Thomas races to the phone]


[cut to Thomas dialing 911 for an ambulance]

Thomas: "I need an ambulance!"

[cut to Ji min racing to her cell phone and dials Ji woong's number]

Ji woong: "Hello, this is Ji woong."

Ji min: "Ji woong? It's me, Ji min."

Ji woong: "What's up, sis?"

Ji min: " "

[Ji woong hangs up and races out of his house and into Ji min's house]

[Ji woong bursts into and loses it with Ji hung and Ji chang]

Ji woong: "What have you done?!"

[Ji woong's anger rises]

Ji hung: " "

Ji chang: " "

[Ji woong's anger explodes]

Ji woong: " "

Visiting Ji kwong in the HospitalEdit

Nicole: "Ji kwong was undergoing surgery to remove the laceration attacks, those were not scars. The surgery takes 72 hours."

[Ji woong drags Ji hung and Ji chang to Ji kwong's hospital room]

Ji hung: "Let go of me, you idiot!"

Ji chang: "Let go, or I will bite!"


Ji min: "And it must be a sincere apology."

Doctor: "The surgery is over now."

Ji min: "Oh, good."

Natasha: "Thank god."

Ji woong: "Now what do you say to Ji kwong?"

Ji hung and Ji chang: "We're sorry we attacked you and stabbed you."

Ji kwong: "Apology accepted."

Ji-min goes into laborEdit

Ji kwong returns from the hospitalEdit

Nicole: "Once Ji kwong came home from the hospital, she met her little brother Ji wang."

Thomas: "Look Ji wang, your sister's here."

[Ji kwong smiles at Ji wang]

Ji kwong: "Awww, he's so cute! I love him!"

[Ji wang smiles at Ji kwong]

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