Ji woong's decisionEdit

Nicole: "Due to Ji hung and Ji chang's poor behavior at BMC, they got sent to military school."

Ji hung: "No military school for me!"

Ji chang: " "

Ji woong: " "

3 weeks after they leftEdit

2 weeks after they leftEdit

1 week after they leftEdit

[Ji kwong is watching PB&J Otter on TV]

[Ji sung is reading a "Where's Spot?" book]

[Anna reads one of her Monster High books]

Nicole: "Everything seemed quiet at the household when Ji hung and Ji chang left."

The callEdit

[Phone rings]

Ji woong: "Hello, Kirochu residence, this is Ji woong speaking!"

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "Mr. Kirochu, your sons are monsters!"

Ji woong: "What do you mean?"

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "They flooded the facility, set the kitchen on fire, went AWOL on need to come get them ASAP!"

Ji woong gets tough with Ji hung and Ji changEdit

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