Ji chang (born January 3, 2019) is a triplet sibling of Ji sung and Ji hung and son of Ji woong Kirochu and Natasha Dumais.

To help to improve his and Ji hung's behaviors, Ji woong and Natasha tried Behavior Modification Camp, Military School, Boot Camp, Theraputic Boarding School and Residential Treatment Center.

He appears as a boss in Supernanny: The Theory International

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit


Like his father, he has raven black hair, pale skin and brown eyes.


Family TreeEdit


Ji woong Kirochu - his father

Natasha Kirochu - his mother

Thomas Kerriton - his uncle

Ji min Kirochu - his aunt

Anna Kirochu - his aunt

Tariko Kirochu - his aunt

Orla Kirochu - his grandmother

James Kirochu - his grandfather

Ji sung Kirochu - his triplet sister

Ji hung Kirochu - his triplet brother

Ji kwong Kirochu

Ji wang Kerriton

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • He and Ji hung receive coal for Christmas 2021.
  • His favorite food is chicken strips and French fries.
  • He enjoys playing in his backyard sandbox and on the swings.


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