Jessica Mary Banks (born October 14, 2024) is the oldest daughter of Milo and Nikki Banks and oldest sibling of Dash, Rime and Paolo.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Milo Banks (1999-)
  • Mother: Nikki Banks (née: Brewster) (2002-)
  • Brother: Dash Banks (2027-), Paolo Banks (2033-)
  • Sisters: Rime Banks (2030-)
  • Aunts: Jacinta Brewster-Taylor (2000-), Georgia Banks-Murray ( -)
  • Uncles: Jonjo Taylor (1999-), Justice Banks ( -)
  • Cousins: Vince, Sheila, Camryn
  • Grandmothers: Viviane Banks (1963-), Suzanne Brewster ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Corey Banks (1966-),  Peter Brewster ( -)


  • Jessica hopes to become a cheerleader in high school
  • Jessica's dream job is becoming a disability carer


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