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This is also five seperate YouTube videos that will be viewable in YouTube, Todaro Warehouse Blast, Supernanny: The Theory DIY, Supernanny Monopoly: Electronic Banking 2013, and Ji woong's Exam Challenge: The Lethal Trial Gauntlet.

Intro (video 1)Edit

Headings 1 (video 2)Edit

Headings 2 (video 3)Edit

Lucy talks to JoEdit

Lucy: "It's very difficult for me to look after my siblings because I have school work to catch up on, I have to maintain the house and I more or less don't get any time to spend with my friends." (starts to cry)

Jo: "And how do you feel about that?"

Lucy: "It's frustrating! My mother doesn't even care about me. She thinks we're ungrateful and don't appreciate what she does for us. Yeah, right! My 11-month-old baby brother Joseph died six months ago from shaken baby syndrome because of my mom. Little Joseph tried to get mom's attention while she was playing FarmVille non-stop, and she violently shook him, saying, 'This'll teach you not to interrupt me while I'm in the middle of an important game.' When I got home, I noticed Joseph wasn't breathing so I called 9-1-1 and he was taken to the hospital. Sadly, my brother did not make it."

[We see a photo of baby Joseph]

Jo: "What about your father?"

Lucy: "He does care for me."

Jo: "I think it's disgusting that these parents have treated Lucy like a third parent, and even more disgusting and ridiculous to learn that a baby was shaken to death by his mother just because he was crying for his mommy's attention whilst she was playing a Facebook game called Farmville. I'm seriously going to lay down the law with them at tomorrow's parent meeting."

Jennifer's review (Lucy talks to Jo)Edit

Jennifer: "Really? Why the **** would I shake a violently shake a baby to death? That's so pathetic!"

Parent meetingEdit

Jennifer's review (Parent meeting)Edit

House rulesEdit

Jennifer's review (House rules)Edit

Thinking pondEdit

Jennifer's review (Thinking pond)Edit

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