Jenni Woods (Born December 23rd 1939-Died October 3rd 1946) is a 6-year old American girl who was the daughter of Jonathan Woods, she is killed by Tokiko Shako, who later becomes her best friend after death.


Jenni is a short young girl with her brown hair in loose pigtails, she wears a red and green dress


Unlike her father and brother, she was very kind and loving, like her mother, and forgives easily


I'm very sorry about daddy, his family always hated the Japanese and he tried to teach me to bully Japanese, German, and Italian children, I'm sorry Tokiko, but thanks for killing me, mom and I were against daddy being racist and we received complaints from Allied soldiers over his behaviour, he bullied a German-American woman in an internment camp, He was kicked out of many military branches, Daddy forced his own opinions on others ~ Jenni apologizing

Mommy saved Ryou one time, he regrets killing her, My mommy forgave him too, he was very humble, we went to a private hospital, he was very timid around them, he believed they would hurt them, he was sobbing uncontrollably, this happened in 1944 January 8th, Ryou's 23rd birthday, he says he wanted his children ~ Hanna telling the team about saving Ryou Shako.


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