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One Year Ago...Edit

[We see a sign called 1 year ago]

And Now...Edit

Jo and the Nanny 911 crewEdit

Jo: "I visited the Jenkins Family a year ago and tried to help them take back control of their daughter Alexandra's behavior. However, Alexandra disrespected me so badly that I had to end up leaving the house. Steve and Nora were so upset that they begged me to come back in the future. I kept my promise, but this time I brought a little surprise with me."

Deb: "Hello, my name is Deborah Carroll. I have over 29 years experience of being a nanny and I believe in the "tough-love" approach. When I heard about Alexandra's behavior, I knew I had to help Jo."

Stella: "I'm Stella Reid. I've been a nanny for 22 years and have helped families across England. When I heard about the family's rebellious daughter who sneaks out at night to do drugs with her boyfriend, I knew I also had to help Jo."

Yvonne: "I'm Yvonne Shove. I've been a nanny for 22 years and I like to help families doing it tough."

Jo and Mike RugglesEdit

Mike: Hi, I'm Mike Ruggles, and I'm a Chicago developmental therapist who has been helping families in crisis for over 15 years. When I heard about the Jenkins family's rebellious daughter, that's then I decided to give a lending hand."

[airplane lands and Mike steps off]

Jo: "Hi."

Mike: "You must be Jo Frost. I'm Mike Ruggles, developmental therapist."

Jo Returns to the Jenkins HouseEdit

[Nanny Jo, Mike Ruggles, Nanny Stella, Nanny Yvonne and Nanny Deb arrive at the Jenkins residence]

[Jo knocks]

Jo: "It's me, Jo Frost."

Nora: "Hello Jo. Who are these people with you?"

Mike: "Hi, I'm Mike Ruggles. I've been a developmental therapist helping American families in crisis for 15 years."

Stella: "I am Stella Reid. I've been a nanny helping families across England for over 22 years."

Yvonne: "I am Yvonne Shove. As a nanny, I've been helping families for over 22 years."

Deb: "And I am Deborah Carroll. I've been a nanny for 29 years and I believe in the 'tough-love' approach."

Nora: "Alexandra's been arrested for possession of illegal drugs by the police. They found marijuana and cocaine in her bag."

[We see a brief shot of Alexandra's mugshot]

Steve: "In addition to that, she has also been expelled from school."

Nora: "Yes, she was expelled from St. Margaret's School for Girls for computer hacking and for the hazing incident."

Jo: "I couldn't believe what I just heard. Alexandra doing drugs, yet again! Poor Nora."

Nora: "She's also started smoking and drinking."

Deb: "When Alexandra gets home, we seriously need to talk to her."

Yvonne: "What about Liam? How is he?"

Steve: "Liam's doing fine."

[knock on the door]

[Nora answers it, and it is a police officer with Alexandra]

Jo: "Sure enough, a policeman arrived at the door with Alexandra. She was caught using drugs."

Nora: "Thank you, officer."

[The policeman leaves]

Nora: "Alexandra Jeanette Jenkins! I have had it!"

Deb: "Young lady, we need to have a serious talk with you!"

Yvonne: "We heard that you have been sneaking out at night to do drugs!"

Stella: "And not to mention smoking and drinking."

Alexandra: "Who the (bleep) are you three?"

Deb: "We are the nannies from Nanny 911. I am Nanny Deborah."

Yvonne: "and I am Nanny Yvonne,"

Stella: "and I am Nanny Stella."

Alexandra: "And who's this gorgeous gentleman next to HER? (referring to Jo)"

Jo: "That is Mike Ruggles, he is a developmental therapist."

Alexandra: "Hi."

[Liam comes out of his bedroom with his Nintendo 3DS]

Steve: "These people are here to help Jo help us so we can be a happier family."

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Yvonne, Stella, Jo, Mike and Deb lay down the law."

Deb: "No drinking alcohol."

Mike: "Let your folks where you're going and when you'll be back."

Stella: "No more drugs."

Announcer: "But will three more nannies plus a therapist be enough to bring Alexandra down?"

Yvonne: "No smoking."

Announcer: "When Supernanny returns."

Laying Down The LawEdit

Alexandra escapes from homeEdit

[Time: Approximately 10:50 PM]

[Alexandra runs away from her parents, Liam, Yvonne, Stella, Deb, Mike, and Jo who are all chasing after her as she is trying to visit a local video arcade to hang out with her friends at night]

Stella: "Young lady, you need to come back here right this minute!"

Mike: "Stella is right. If you do not return home, you will lose your Facebook privileges for the rest of the week!"

Alexandra: "Stay away from me! Don't you freakin' dare gang up on me when I am going to the video arcade!"

Steve: "It's bedtime, Alexandra, and it's after curfew!"

Alexandra: "(bleep) OFF! WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET A (bleep)ING LIFE AND LEAVE ME THE (bleep) ALONE!!!"

[Alexandra's friends surround Yvonne, Stella, Deb, Mike and Jo]

Jo: "Who are you, young people?"

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