Supernanny Nanny Jo Frost travels to Kansas City, Kansas to work with a family who lost recently lost their father to brain cancer two days ago. Mother Cyndi Jefferson is struggling and trying her best to raise her three daughters (3-year-old Alexa, 5-year-old Brie-Ann, and 4-year-old Renee) alone, but is frustrated and completely overwhelmed because the girls fight, bite, swear, act up in public, and refuse to eat any healthy foods. there's a whole lot of never ending sibling rivalry, ear-splitting shrieking, obscene gestures, lost tempers, and not to mention unorganized chaos in the house. Also, Cyndi's husband, Austin's funeral is in a short days, and mom fears that her daughters may ruin the somber event for everybody! Can Nanny Jo help this grieving family? This episode introduces the Group Project for the first time. It also marks an issue on the Naughty Couch, and Socialization.