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Bad SleepEdit

[Marilou is seen sleeping in her 1980's My Little Pony-themed bed]

[A dream sequence occurs. Aristotle Marx is seen damaging property around Supernannya, including the headquarters and biting the Terrific 10 (except for Reicheru, who cannot become a vampire) along with their allies (minus the other ghosts)]

Aristotle Marx: "You all shall be my slaves!"

Nicole: (now in vampire form) "We bow down to you!"


Catherine: (also in vampire form) "Yes, your highness!"

[The brainwashed heroes and Aristotle chase down Marilou down a hill]

[Marilou trips over a log]

Marilou: (scared as the vampire team gangs up) "Oh no! Please..."

[Aristotle bites Marilou]

[End of dream sequence: Marilou wakes up screaming, then Another Marie comes in her room]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Miss Otter, are you alright?)

Marilou: "My.......friends........vampires.........Aristotle........"

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Do you want to sleep in my bed for tonight?)

Marilou: "That, will be nice, Ri Min-Li."

[Another Marie takes a hold of Marilou's hand then they go into her room, which has the Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-sung portrait, a North Korean flag, a propaganda radio and two cars and a table, with a plain white sheet bed]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Yes, Samuel was begging I take them down)

Marilou: "Um, the room looks nice."

Battling AristotleEdit

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