Jarring Nightmares (JP: Fear of the Big Bad) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated.


Marilou the Otter recently had multiple nightmares about Aristotle Marx wreaking havoc in Supernannya and brainwashing the heroes to be his slaves. Suddenly, the team also encounters Aristotle, who puts the gang into a battle. Can the Theory team defeat Aristotle and help Marilou cope with her nightmares?


  • Marilou the Otter
  • Aristotle Marx
  • Nicole Birou-Jennings
  • Sophie the Otter
  • Reicheru the Yokai Spirit
  • Ri Min-Li


  • This marks the debut of Aristotle Marx.
  • We learn that Marilou has a fear of vampires and monsters.

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