A list of schools Mung-Hee got kicked out of:

  1. Audobon Elementary School for
  2. Skinner Elementary School for karate-kicking a teacher
  3. Blaine Elementary School for
  4. Alcott Elementary School for
  5. Mount Greenwood Elementary School for
  6. Burley Elementary School for
  7. Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center for bullying other children
  8. Ebinger Elementary School for bullying a child with spina bifida
  9. Leland Elementary School for blowing up the boys' bathroom
  10. Coonley Elementary School for
  11. Norwood Park Elementary School for
  12. Bell Elementary School for
  • Mung-Hee now attends Oriole Park Elementary School
  • Ji-min is very sickly and spends a lot of time in the hospital
  • Ji-min donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity which grants the wishes of children with terminal life-threatening illnesses, her wish was to go to Seoul Land with her brothers and sisters, South Korea for her 5th birthday.
  • The sets of vigintuplets (excluding Ji-min) peformed Gangnam Style to cheer up Ji-min
  • Ji-min is being homeschooled due to her spina bifida
  • Because of her spina bifida, Ji-min is often bullied by Mung-Hee

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