Issho ni Purei Shimashou! is a creepy pasta by Reicheru (Japanlover86), it focuses on Tokiko Shako.


I got Another vs. Normal Party: Supernatural Spirits, the ghosts you appease are nine WWII innocent victims, with three of them being snipers, when I started the game, I couldn't delete the save file on it "No escape" was the name if it, the message said in Japanese "Let's Play Together!" I was confused, I played the save file, It played Tokiko and Ryou, a theme played with a flute, it made me sleepy, and I collapsed, when I woke up, It looked like WWII Japan, they were people, I couldn't talk to them, and I went through them, as If I wasn't there, then I noticed a plane, it dropped a bomb, Nagasaki, then it went off I saw a little girl, her brother and her parents the two girls suffered burns and died while the father was trapped in the office, then 21 days gone by, the man was dead from starvation, a blinding flashing light appeared, I was in an area resembling WWII, but they were bodies everywhere, I noticed a young girl, she was levitating "Issho no Purei Shimashou!" I didn't know what she said, then I felt a sharp stabbing pain, then I bled to death, on the 3DS' screen, the word Hiroshima and Nagasaki appeared in Kanji, I was stuck in the game, as a ghost, unable to escape.

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