• Aiden's favorite TV program is The Adventures of Spot on DVDs
  • Broden's favorite toy is the Spot plush
  • Alison's favorite activity is shopping at the mall with her friends
  • Makai's favorite color is green
  • Josef's favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road
  • Bryce, Madeleine, Kadyn and Sherman's favorite book is the Curious George book series
  • Haley's favorite female singer is Selena Gomez
  • Sherman's favorite song is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
  • Madeleine's favorite food is cupcakes with sprinkles
  • Kadyn's favorite board game is Candyland
  • Sherman's favorite color is yellow
  • Aiden's favorite book is Spot's First Walk by Eric Hill
  • Broden has a Spot the Dog-themed nursery

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