Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Another week, another family. I wonder who we got here this time?"

???: "Hi, we're the Irine Family! I'm Gladys and I work at a hotel as a housekeeper."


Irine Family IssuesEdit

Haley: "(bleep) you, (bleep)!"

Josef: "(bleep)!"

Aiden: "(bleep)!"

Makai: "I hate you, (bleep)!"


Trip to the SupermarketEdit

Jo: "Today's trip to the supermarket was chaotic! Haley moaned and groaned that she didn't have cosmetic kits."

Haley: "You mean they're sold out?!"

Gladys: "Yes."

[Haley sighs and groan]

Jo: "And threw a huge tantrum."

Gladys: "Haley, no. You're too old for that kind of behavior."

[Haley throws baby powder at Gladys]

Gladys: "No, ma'am! You may not throw things at your mother just because you're angry. Stop and think."

Haley: "I want some cosmetic kits!"

Gladys: "They are already sold out."



Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty PlatformEdit

Jo: "As soon as Haley was dragged out of the pool, she punched her mother in the face"

Gladys: "OW! That hurt! You do not punch mother, that is not nice."

Haley: I wanted to swim some more, please!"

Gladys: "I think we've had enough. It's time for supper."

Jo: "Mom didn't even give a warning to Haley. So, I showed her how to do one."

Jo: "Haley, you do not punch your mom. That is not nice. This is your warning. If you do that again, you will go into timeout, do you understand?"

[Haley spits in Jo's face]

Jo: "Now stay on this platform."

[Jo walks away]

[Haley escapes and returns to the pool]

[Jo sends Haley to the Naughty Platform yet again]


DVD MeetingEdit


Jo: (to Haley) "That language is totally unacceptable! How dare you call your mother a (bleep)?"

Haley: (sneering) "I dare and I did!"

Jo: "Timeout for you, young lady!"

[Jo places Haley into time-out on the Naughty Platform]

Jo: "Now your behavior is unacceptable and I do not like it. You will sit here for 11 minutes and think about your actions. Your mother will also take away your iPod Touch for the rest of the day."

[Gladys confiscates Haley's iPod Touch]

[Haley does her 11 minutes]

Jo: "Now I would like an apology for the things you have done previously."

Haley: "Sorry."

Jo: "Thank you so much for apologizing. You are now free to get up."

Josef: "(bleep)!"

Jo: "Stop swearing or you will stay in the Naughty Platform!"


Bye, Bye, Jo-JoEdit

Haley: "Bye. Hope you don't come back."

Jo: "That is a mean way to say goodbye to me. Try it again, please."

Haley: "Bye."

Jo: "That's much better. Thank you very much."

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