Inmy****ingopinionyouare****ingdead-Bond Family is an episode of Supernanny. In this episode, Annie goes to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. But, OMG, YOUALLDESERVETO****INGDIE SOYOUSHALLBURNIN****ING****BECAUSEIWISHYOUWERE****INGAND INMY****INGOPINIONYOUARE****INGDEAD?!?!?! He's 40, and he changed it to that name when it used to be Jeremy Bond. He is married to April Bond, 37. He is worse than Orla Birou, Giuseppe Todaro, Nora Heart, and Chantelle McGregor. When he disciplines, he always spanks children with a crystal mace, three times per second. They have two children: Queenie (9) and Cameron (7). Four years ago, Kevin (who was 2 months old) died of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Three years ago, Corey (who was 8 months old) died of Shaken Baby Syndrome too. Two years ago, Myles (who was 4 months old) died of Shaken Baby Syndrome as well. Two years ago, two boys were killed because of a gas chamber. One year ago, the father used a cheese grater to kill yet another boy. The worst things that could happen in funerals happened in their funerals because of the father. April Bond has one child from her previous marriage: Samantha (18). She is well-behaved, and she lives with her boyfriend because of the mean father, saying "I'll have school work to catch up on," and "I don't want to maintain the other home," and "I need to spend more time with my friends until he's gone." Youalldeserveto****ingdie is the #1 hotspot master for the "Most Pathetic Father" since 2029. Youalldeserveto****ingdie also constantly gambles illegally, racketeers every day, loansharks every day, never pays tax, and given the estimations, leaves 50 marks on cars every day without getting caught, acts like a hurricane every month, steals 400 items a week, smokes 1000 cigarettes a month, possesses 10 drugs a day, and socks 360 gross foods in people's mouths every week. He can also bring a rabies-infected bull terrier and he'd paste to wall with sturdy duct tape or super glue. He has also been permanently banned across 5 websites and killed some of the admins of those websites. Will this father get his comuppance?