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Imogen Iconic-Todaro (born April 6, 2020) is a daughter of Giuseppe Todaro and Paula Iconic.


She has pale skin and long-brown hair that covers the scars Giovanni gave her, a black-brown dress with blood and tears, aqua coloured shoes, a red headband, green eyes, and a saddened and depressed look on her face along with anger and vengfulness. She also wear different clothes.

Her sleepwear is her pink flannel pajamas.


Birthday PartiesEdit

Family TreeEdit


Giuseppe Todaro: she hates him with all her hate

Marisa Iconic-Todaro:

Myles Iconic-Todaro:

Rico Iconic-Todaro:

Corey Iconic-Todaro:

Paula Iconic:

Jamie Haminton: she gets along well with her stepdad

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • Her full name is Imogen Emma Iconic-Todaro
  • Her favorite TV show is Jessie
  • Her favorite movie is Lego Movie
  • Her favorite singer is Katy Perry
  • Her favorite villain is Lord Business of the Lego Movie
  • Her favorite band is One Direction
  • Her favorite toy is green Nerds plush character
  • She hates Giuseppe
  • She unfairly receives coal for Christmas 2031, due to Giuseppe falsely claiming that she was very naughty so he could ruin her Christmas, but Paula made things right for her
  • Her blood type is AB


She becomes a schoolteacher and a movie reviewer, she has a happy future, she is married to a Japanese man named Satoshi Kobayashi. (Who's not from SNFW), and has identical twins Aggie-Satoko and Marie-Yuki, age 6.

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