Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo head to Boston, MA and meets the Ikin Family."

Rowan: "I'm 14 years old. I don't need (bleep)ing rules!"

Jillian: "What's this I hear about you and Francis smoking pot?"

Announcer: "Whose 14-year-old son is out of control."

Jillian: "You're grounded for three weeks."

Rowan: "MOM!!!"

Announcer: "Single mom Jillian has had enough, and 5-year-old daughter Kenisha feels left out."

Announcer: "Can Jo get this family back on track before things get worse?"

Rowan: "I HATE YOU!!!"

Submission ReelEdit

[We see an African-American woman in the reel]

???: "Hi, I'm Jillian, and we're the Ikin family. I'm a single mom of two kids, Rowan who's 14 and Kenisha who's 5 1/2. I've been a single mom happened. Rowan has been very rebellious lately, I have no idea what to do with him."

[Rowan is seen with a bottle of beer in his hand]

Jillian: "Kenisha is a sweet, sometimes needy, but well-behaved little girl and she has an upcoming birthday party."

Kenisha (holding a Barbie doll while at a local Target store): "Please?"

Jillian: "No honey, put it back where it belongs, okay."

Jillian: "There have been times that Kenisha really wanted something and I told her "No". She will thank me for raising her well. Despite having a few tantrums now and then, and the fact that she is growing older and getting to know the world around her better, she's not learning from her brother."

Rowan: "Stop treating me like a BABY!"

Jillian: "Then don't act like one."

Rowan: "What does that f***ing mean?"

Jillian: "The kids are the best thing that's ever happened to me, but Rowan is the problem that drives me to my whit's end."

Kenisha: "Mommy says for you to clean your room."

Rowan: "Oh you need to shut up, twerp."

Jillian: "Rowan talks back quite a bit."

Jillian: "Take out the trash, Rowan."

Rowan: "No."

Jillian: "Rowan!"

Rowan (in his smart-mouth mood): "I'm. Not. Doing it-tah!!!"

Jillian: "Fine, you're grounded."

Rowan: "What, B****?"

Jillian: "Excuse me?"


Jo: "It was 11:30am and Rowan had just got home from his friend's house, where he was supposed to be studying, but the friend's mother told Jillian a different story."

Friend's mother on Phone: "Those boys, Rowan and Francis were out smoking weed."

Jillian: "WHAT?!?"

Jillian: "I couldn't believe what I heard, my son doing drugs. It felt like an episode of Maury Povich waiting to happen."

Jillian: "I feel like I've lost control of him? I don't know what to do."

Jo: "When Mom confronted Rowan about it, boy did he lose it!"

Jillian: "Rowan Garret Ikin!"

Rowan: "WHAT?!?"

Jo: "Rowan was busted big time!"

Jillian: "What's this I hear about you and Francis smoking pot?"

Rowan: "It wasn't us, mom. We were studying."

Jo: "Then all of a sudden, the confrontation looked like something out of the Maury Povich Show."

Jillian: "Don't you be lying to me, Rowan! Francis' mother called and told me that she saw you smoking dope!"


Jillian: "Hey, you watch your mouth, young man!"

Rowan: "Shut your mouth, you (bleep) (bleep)!"

Jo: "Jillian and Rowan argued for at least an hour."

[Kenisha is in her bedroom having a tea party with her Barbie dolls when she hears shouting in another room]

Kenisha: "I was in my room playing with my Barbie dolls when I heard mommy and Rowan arguing."

Jo: "All right. I have seen and heard enough. Jillian, I will see you tomorrow morning, bright and early, for a parent meeting."

[Jo walks down the hallway and sees Kenisha's bedroom door cracked open]

Jo: "Hi."

Kenisha: "Hi. I could hear Rowan and mommy yelling about something. But I don't know what. It was pretty loud in there."

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "Yesterday's observation was absolutely shocking. You and Rowan argued for two hours. TWO hours??"

Jillian: "I know. I feel like he's against me, and that he doesn't love me anymore."

Jo: "You've got to take charge. Otherwise, Rowan will be in jail."

Jillian: "He had been rebelling against me ever since my husband, Daniel, died in a motorcycle accident last year."

Jo: "Take charge Jillian. Not only for yourself, but for Rowan as well."

Jillian: "All right."

Jo: "I also spoke to Kenisha yesterday. She also told she is feeling left out due to you dealing with your son."

Teaching BeginsEdit

Lose What You Like ChartEdit

Jo: "Today, I'm going to introduce the 'Lose What You Like Chart', Jillian."

Jillian: "I think that chart sounds like a great idea. It sounds very effective and it should've been used and done if I had known about this a long time ago."

Jo: "Look, Rowan. This is the 'Lose What You Like Chart'. If you break the rules, like sneaking out at night to smoke pot, talking nonsense to me, or something like that, then you're going to lose whatever you like, such as hanging out with your friends, skateboarding, TV, your MP3 player, your iPhone, your video games, or your laptop computer..."

Rowan: "I'm 14 years old. I don't need (bleep)ing rules!"

Jillian: "Rowan, you better watch your language, otherwise I'm taking away your cell phone. Do you understand?"

Rowan: "I'm a grown-ass man!"

Jo: "Rowan was out of control! He needed to be put in check. And I saw that Jillian wasn't doing a very good job, so I told her to take Kenisha away so I could give Rowan a good talking to."

Jo: "There are people out there that do drugs!! Alright?! And they WANT you to do it with them. There are people out there who, trust me, WANT you to drink more than 12 cans of lager and or smoke pot with them. There are people who might not want to bring you home. THAT'S why there are rules made!! To make you SAFE!!"

Rowan: "I have never seen anybody that brutally honest with me. I was like, 'Okay, maybe I should understand why I'm making my mom so upset.'"

Kenisha's 6th Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was a birthday party for Kenisha, who was having a Brave-themed party, and she invited all her friends from her kindergarten class."

[Kenisha's friends arrive]

Kenisha: "Stacie, Melody, Kelly, Lilly, Lucy, hi! Come on in!"

[We see Kenisha dressed in a Melinda costume]

Jillian: "Hello girls! Welcome to my daughter's party! Help yourselves to some bear claws. We'll do some archery shortly."

Jo: "But where was Rowan? He was supposed to be celebrating his little sister's birthday."

[Rowan is with his friends - Nicole, Francis, Mary, Tommy, Sione, James, Alison, Theresa, Fernanda, Alex and Corey. They are chilling at the Natick Mall.]

Jo: "It is nice to see that Kenisha is having fun with her friends on her birthday. But where is her brother and what is he up to?"

Jillian: "That's what I'd like to know."

[Jillian dials Rowan's cell phone number]

Jillian: "Rowan? Where are you? Pick up!"

Rowan: "Hello?"

Jillian: "Yes this is Mom. Where are you?"

Rowan: "I'm at the mall hanging out with some friends."

Jillian: "Without my permission? That's it, I'm picking you up. You are in big trouble."

Jillian: "I have to tell you, first the pot smoking, now this? I've just about had it with him."

Kenisha's Teacher: "I'll supervise the party."

Jillian (to Kenisha's teacher): "Okay. What I want you to do is "

Kenisha's Teacher: " "

[Jillian and Jo go in Jillian's car]

Naughty TentEdit

Jo: "Today, I'd like to introduce the Naughty Tent, Jillian. This is where Rowan will be confined if he behaves unacceptably."

[Kenisha is playing with her new doll she got for her birthday]

[Rowan comes over to Kenisha]

Rowan: "Kenisha! That doll you are playing with is for babies!"

Kenisha: "No it isn't. Please don't bother me. Mommy!"

Jo: "Rowan began bothering her little sister. So I stepped in."

Jo: "Rowan, this is your warning. If you don't stop bothering your little sister, your mother will discipline you in the Naughty Tent."

Rowan: (to Kenisha) "Shut up, you dumb little (bleep)!"

Jo: "However, Rowan didn't listen, and therefore, he was disciplined."

Jillian: "Rowan, COME HERE!!!"

[Rowan is confined to the Naughty Tent]

[Jillian confiscates Rowan's iPhone]

Jillian: "Rowan, you have been confined to this tent because you were intimidating your sister. Now you stay here for 14 minutes and think about your actions. In addition to that, you're grounded for three weeks. No iPhone, no Xbox One, nothing."

Rowan: "MOM!!!"

Jillian: "Not another word. Your privileges are all gone for three weeks!"

[Jillian walks away]


Drug Testing at HomeEdit

Jo: "The next day, I bought Saliva drug test kit and a Pharmatech At-Home Drug Test for Jillian, so she could detect whether or not Rowan is on drugs."

Jo: "I'd like to introduce these home drug testing to you, Jillian. That way, it is a faster way to detect whether or not your son is on illegal drugs."

Jillian: "Okay. Sounds like a good idea."


Jo: "When the timing is right, talk to your son. Before school would be a good time to talk to him about his problems. I'd like you to express your concern, Jillian, and talk about your feelings. Tell Rowan you are worried about him, and how it feels for you to see him high on marijuana."

Jillian: "I'm afraid he might not listen to me."

Jo: "I'd like you to tell your son what you've seen him doing when smoking pot. Tell him that you want to help. Speak in a caring and understanding voice."

Jillian: (sadly) "Rowan, Francis' mother called from the hospital just now...her son died this morning."

Rowan: What are you talking about? You're kidding, right?

Jillian: I am afraid it is no joke, sweetheart...Francis died from an overdose of drugs. He's gone.

(Rowan is in shock and disbelief)

Kenisha: Rowan, are you all right?

DVD MeetingEdit

Rowan: "They said that pot was no big deal...they lied. It killed my best friend."

Rowan: "I'm done with pot...for good!"

Jillian: Good for you, Rowan!


Time for Jo to goEdit

Family UpdateEdit

[Jillian, Kenisha, Rowan, and Francis's mother, brother, stepfather, grandmother, cousins, and stepsister are at Francis' funeral]